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Rosethorn Rat Terriers
Welcome to ROSETHORN TERRIERS. Home of AKC  and UKC Registered American Rat Terriers. We breed both miniature and standard size Rat Terriers. Pictured above are brother and sister UKC Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun (left) and UKC Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance aka Sidney(right). Shogun is currently standing at stud here at ROSETHORN TERRIERS. Located just two hours east of San Francisco in Coulterville,  California. ROSETHORN TERRIERS is five acres of dog heaven nestled in the gold country foothills near Yosemite National Park. It's been 25 year's of dedication to breeding terriers, and we love the Rat Terrier breed. The American Rat Terrier is a true companion dog. Sturdy and built to last, with good hunting skills and superb people skills. Rat Terriers, beautiful to look at and a joy to live with. A lovely family dog they get along well with children of all ages, and are kind with other pets. My breeding program is all about great temperament and supreme health for my dogs and their offspring. ROSETHORN TERRIERS breeding dogs each individually embody the excellent qualities of the Rat Terrier breed. At ROSETHORN TERRIERS we carefully breed top individuals to retain the unique qualities that made us fall in love with raising Rat Terriers. ROSETHORN TERRIERS. define correct conformation, athletic ability, dedication and loyalty to their owners and joyous health. All ROSETHORN breeding terriers and pups are home raised. Each is a member of our family, are loved and played with everyday. All ROSETHORN TERRIERS puppies are up to date on shots, worming and have a two year genetic health guarantee. Let our Champions be your companion. Come on up and take a look. You'll be glad you did! **ALL ROSETHORN TERRIER BREEDING DOGS ARE PLL CLEAR.** We are committed to eradicating Primary Luxating Lens disease from the Rat Terrier breed. I am always happy to answer questions about ROSETHORN TERRIERS and the American Rat Terrier Breed. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your perfect Rat Terrier family member. Enjoy!  
Candace Drake, owner  
Feel free to call 209-743-1664.
or email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com

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The Comfort Litter
1. The Comfort Litter 
Born February 1st to proud mother Rosethorn Petite Bordeaux and handsome daddy Rosethorn Justa Romeo N Chrome we welcome the Comfort Litter.  It's winter and we could all use a little more Comfort for these long winter nights. With that in mind I present the one  boy FLANNEL and his three darling sisters Lullaby (held w/deposit for Cate Fhionnain of Vermont), Snuggle, and Dumpling. These babies are double registered both AKC/UKC  and are offered for $800.  A comfortable $200 deposit will hold your puppy until they are ready to go home at 8 weeks.  Enjoy the photo's and stay warm. Call Candace Drale 209-743-1664 to reserve your winter Comfort.
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It's Magic Litter
2. It's Magic Litter 
2-7-16 11 weeks old. We have three  magical boys available. Call me to talk about the boys 209-743-1664. Three talented, handsome, and unique individuals.
1)HOUDINI is available, he will be a standard at full growth.  2)COPPERFIELD is available he will be a standard at full growth  3)ILLUSION is available he will be a miniature at full growth.  4)CHRIS ANGEL is no longer available his forever family from Visalia have fallen in love. Born 11-18-15 we are happy to present the It's Magic Litter.  Their Mother Berry and father Rosethorn A Dab'l Do Ya are very proud of their new magical number 7 puppies. These beautiful babies are UKC registered, PLL clear, come a two year health guarantee, up to date on shots and worming. Happy New Year to the 5 boys 1)COPPERFIELD is available  2)HOUDINI is available 3)SHAZAM**held w/deposit for the Frazier family of Fraziers' Racing Quarter Horses** 4)ILLUSION is available 5)CHRIS ANGEL is available and 2 girls 6)PRESTO**held w/deposit for Mike Maul family - congratulations on your 3rd Rosethorn Rat Terrier!!** and 7)SOUL MYSTIQUE**held w/deposit for Gina Bigney - congratulations Gina.** Offerred for just $700 your Magic baby can go home with you on 1-13-16. A deposit of $200 will reserve your choice. to talk about these super cute Rat Terrier puppies
Call: Candace 209-743-1664
email:rosethornterriers@hotmail.com  Enjoy.
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The ROYALS Litter
3. The ROYALS Litter  (7-11-2015)
02/07/16 It was a very happy day for handsome Khal Drogo - the Muniz family from Fresno chose Drogo to join their family. Here's to happiness for all!!**Price $400** There is one very handsome AKC registered boy available from The ROYALS Litter 'KHAL DROGO'. This athletic boy is 6 months old. He is a standard approximately 15 inches tall at the withers weight 20 lbs. Drogo is calm, intelligent and playful. He's had all three puppy shots, is crate trained, housebroken, leash trained, loving, easy going and confident. Khal Drogo is an excellent companion dog. Drogo loves kids and gets along well with all. I reduced the price on this lovely boy because his nose color has a white streak and spot, therefore being a fault for showing or breeding. This will not affect Drogo's life or health in any way. Call 209-743-1664 to talk about adding Khal Drogo to your forever family. Born on 7/11/15 Rosethorn You Can Call Me Queen Bee 'Royal' and Rosethorn Justa Romeo N Chrome 'Chrome' are proud parents of a regal litter of seven. This is Royal's first litter and she is proving to be a calm, caring, and devoted mother just like her mother 'Angie'.  Presenting the three stunning boys 1)OBERYN(sold to Emily in WA)  2)KHAL DROGO available  3)DARIO NAHARIS *living the good life with the Cunningham family* and the four winning girls  4)KALESSI *gone to her forever home with Laura Scroggins 5)BRIENNE (sold to the Fielitz family of AZPointerRanch.com in Arizona)  6)YGRITTE *sold to the McGuire's in FL. and 7)NYMERIA *In las Vegas with my friend Shilo Rats. These will be standard size Rat Terriers at full growth. The ROYALS puppies are AKC registered, PLL clear of course. A $200 deposit will reserve your own very special heir to the throne until they are ready to go home on September 5th. Call 209-743-1664 (better to call) to talk about the ROYALS, or email  rosethornterriers@hotmail.com  Enjoy!
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Rosethorn Terriers at the Show
4. Rosethorn Terriers at the Show  (April 26 & 27)
Rosethorn made a respectable showing at the Central Valley RTC UKC show last weekend. We took Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow, Rosethorn Pinot Noir, and my little four month old Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty.  In brief, Shogun got a major win "Champion of Champions" under Judge Larry Hanson. Arrow got "Winner of Winners" under Judge Daryl Turner. Pinot showed her little heart won her class but did not take a major win. My Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty won best puppy under Judge Tracey Kallas and Judge Daryl Turner, and notably got BEST IN SHOW PUPPY under Judge Daryl Turner.  A wonderful time was enjoyed by all, and thank you to the Judges who chose Rosethorn Terriers, and CVRTC for putting on a fun show. A special thank you to my friend Jennifer Ferguson of Indigo Rat Terriers Texas, who is owner of 9 mo. old female puppy Rosethorn Shogun IGO Sadie Mae of Rosethorn Terriers. Jennifer thank you for the wonderful pictures you took of Rosethorn Terriers and extra special thank you to her grand-daughter Nevaeh 8 years old, who was a great help with the dogs.  All Rosethorn Terriers are PLL clear, and we do have puppies, THE DERBY LITTER and THE LUV LITTER BOTH SIRED BY ROSETHORN CUPID'S ARROW, currently available . Enjoy!!
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PLL Testing by OFFA.ORG
5. PLL Testing by OFFA.ORG 
Rosethorn Terriers has taken a strong stand against the breeding of Rat Terriers who are carriers, affected or unknown status of the genetic disease PLL. In support of this I am posting the PLL testing of my foundation dogs and on outbred studs that contributed to the current line of Rosethorn Terriers breeding dogs. The current dogs that contribute to Rosethorn Terriers are PLL clear by parentage.  In 10 generations I will once again pay to have my breeding dogs tested in order to validate the genetic Clear By Parentage status. All this information is available to anyone on the OFFA.org website under PLL testing. Thank you for your time and commitment to a future Rat Terrier Breed that is completely clear of this heart breaking disease.
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Rosethorn Ladies
6. Rosethorn Ladies 
I am proud to introduce the Rosethorn Rat Terrier Ladies.  Each one of these beautiful and sweet girls contributes their unique qualities to our breeding program. All of our ladies are PLL clear here at Rosethorn Terriers
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Our Handsome Studs
7. Our Handsome Studs  (2015)
There are currently 3 correct and handsome gentlemen standing at stud here at Rosethorn Terriers.   
(dob 3/2/2013)
3) ROSETHORN JUSTA ROMEO N CHROME      (dob 5/3/2014)
All Rosethorn Terriers breeding dogs are clear of the genetic disease PLL. Our current studs are PLL clear by parentage. Its important to test for PLL and commit to breeding CLEAR ONLY dogs and bitches in order to eradicate this disease. Our  handsome studs are double registered AKC & UKC. Stud fees vary $400 - $1000. Enjoy the photo's of our handsome gentlemen with whom I am privileged to share my daily life. Thank you,
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