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Rosethorn Rat Terriers
Welcome to Rosethorn Rat Terriers. Home of UKC and AKC Registered American Rat Terriers. In the picture above are brother and sister Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun (left) and Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance (right). Shogun is currently standing at stud here at Rosethorn Terriers. He began his show career fall 2012 and became a Champion in one weekend of winning. Sister Sidney became a Champion summer of 2012 finishing at the Washington Classic.  We are located in Coulterville, California on five acres nestled in the gold country foothills near Yosemite National Park.  I have been a terrier breeder for over 25 years. My goal is to raise dogs that are beautiful to look at and a joy to live with. I'm all about great temperament and supreme health for my dogs and their offspring. Rosethorn Terriers breeding dogs each individually embody the excellent qualities of the Rat Terrier breed. Our terriers define correct conformation, athletic ability, dedication and loyalty to their owners and joyous health. All Rosethorn Terriers and  pups are home raised, loved and played with everyday.   Each puppy comes with up to date shots, worming and a two year health guarantee.   Let our Champions be your companion. Come on up and take a look. You'll be glad you did. We are committed to eradicating Primary Luxating Lens disease from the Rat Terrier breed **ALL ROSETHORN TERRIER BREEDING DOGS ARE PLL CLEAR.** I am always happy to answer questions about Rosethorn Terriers and the American Rat Terrier Breed.  
Candace Drake
phone: 209-743-1664  
email: rosethornterriers@hotmail.com
I look forward to meeting you. Enjoy!
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1. TheLittleLickersLitter 
1/29/15 There is just one darling miniature boy DRAMBUIE ($500) available from the LITTLE LICKERS Litter. Call 209-743-1664 to talk about DRAMBUIE. 16 weeks old he's had all three puppy shots, is crate trained, house broken, and accomplished social skills. DRAMBUIE is a rare find as a small miniature Rat Terrier with excellent bone and lots of muscle. His athletic ability, excellent conformation and great attitude combine to make DRAMBUIE an all around great little boy. The LITTLE LICKERS are ready to go to their forever homes. Each and every one of these pups is phenomenal. Rosethorn Pinot Noir and Rosethorn Hot Sake are jumping for joy at the birth of their pups THE LITTLE LICKERS LITTER. Born October 10th, 2014. These babies are the first for Hot Sake and they are just gorgeous.  The little lickers will be miniatures like both their parents.  Pinot Noir is so proud and happy to introduce FRANGELICA (female, blue, tuxedo held with deposit for Casandra and Winona), DRAMBUIE (male, black, tuxedo) and MIDORI (SOLD male, blue, piebald).  A $200 deposit will hold your pick. To talk about the LITTLE LICKERS LITTER call 209-743-1664 or email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com
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The Chill Litter
2. The Chill Litter 
1/29/15 There is one adorable little boy CHILLY available. Chilly has a sweet and loving personality. He is a chocolate tri-color and super cute. I estimate he will be about 12 inches at the withers and 12 pounds at full growth. The CHILL LITTER are 10 weeks old and ready to go to their forever home. Call 209-743-1664 to talk about CHILLY. Splash has gone to Wheatland with her new family. FROST is going to live in Carson City with his new Mom and Dad. Breeze has gone home with Debra of Fairfield. Rosethorn IGO Shogun Sadie Rae is a very happy Momma!! She is proud to present her first and very beautiful litter of puppies. Born on November, 20, 2014 say hello to "THE CHILL LITTER." It was a cold night, but we stoked up the fireplace and made it warm and cozy to bring these five precious Rat Terrier puppies into the world.  Say hello to the boys: CRISP(heldwdeposit for Michael), FROST, and CHILLY, and the girls: SPLASH and BREEZE.  Proud papa Rosethorn a Dab'l Do Ya was watching his babies as they were born. This was a match made in heaven. A deposit will hold the darling of your choice until they are ready to go home at 8 weeks. The very pretty CHILL's are offered for just $500 to make every future puppy owner happy this Christmas!!  Call me Candace 209-743-1664 to talk about THE CHILL LITTER. Happy Holidays from ROSETHORN TERRIERS and please enjoy the gift of puppy love from us to you!
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The Eclipse Litter
3. The Eclipse Litter 
1/21/2015 The ECLIPSE Litter are 8 weeks old. Rosethorn Terriers is proud to present THE ECLIPSE LITTER born 11/23/2014. The ECLIPSE are AKC registered. This is a repeat breeding of Rosethorn Like a Charm and Rosethorn Hans Zolo. Last years litter produced Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty. Charm is a devoted mother to her five babies. Say to hello to the girls HEAVENS (heldwdeposit for Leanne), FLARE (currently reserved), and LUNAR (available for $700). The boys are METEOR, a black tuxedo and SOLAR, black tri-color piebald. SOLAR is available to a show home for $800. These puppies will all be standard size Rat Terriers.   A deposit will hold your puppy until they are ready to go home. Call 209-743-1664 to discuss the ECLIPSE Litter. Happy Holidays from Rosethorn Terriers.
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Pyro is available
4. Pyro is available 
Pyro, 1 year is available $300.  He was purchased from Ramirez Rats in Kansas, as a breeding dog but unfortunately his testicles did not drop.  Pyro is a beautiful blue and white bi-color. He has had all his shots, is crated trained and house broken.  Pyro will be sold with a mandatory  neuter agreement.  Pyro is UKCI registered.  To talk about Pyro call 209-743-1664 or email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com
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The Derby Litter
5. The Derby Litter  (May, 3, 2014)
10-1-14 ROSETHORN JUSTA ROMEO IN CHROME is growing up. CHROME has a lovely easy going temperament and eye catching handsome good looks. This little Rosethorn Rat, now 5 months old lives up to our motto, "Rosethorn Terriers, beautiful to look at and a joy to live with." He always tries hard to please me and is well behaved both in the house and outside playing. 9-11-14 there is just one fabulous  puppy available from the DERBY Litter. Chrome. Chrome is shaping up beautifully as a show/breed quality male. Chrome will be a small standard or possibly a miniature. He is available for $1500. Danza is going to join another Rosethorn Terrier in her new loving home in Fresno. Congratulations Jeanie, you certainly have an excellent eye for beautiful dogs. Welcome THE DERBY LITTER, born on May 3rd which is Kentucky Derby Race Day.  Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow is proud father to this winning brood, his first offspring. Momma Berry is thrilled with her four babies.  Introducing CHROME, CANDY is SOLD, DANZA, a very nice tri-color peibald female is sold, and WICKED at her new home www.imageevent.com/whistlnratterriers in Arizona). The Derby Litter are all winners in my race book.  I am really impressed with the stamp of class my Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow has given these puppies. This litter is UKC registered. A deposit will reserve your pick of the winning Derby Litter, until they are ready to go home around June 25th. All Rosethorn Terriers are PLL clear, up to date on shots and worming and have a two year health guarantee. To talk about the DERBY Litter call Candace 209-743-1664 email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com  Enjoy!!
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Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty
6. Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty 
11-15/11-16 at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club AKC Show our wonderful Z claimed his second major win at 10 1/2 months old. Judge Darryl Vice awarded Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty Best of Winners, and Best Opposite. There were 7 Rat Terriers at the show.  Sunday Judge Richard Miller gave Z Winners Dog and Best of Opposite. Thank you Jennifer Ferguson of Indigo Rat Terriers for showing our beautiful boy. 10-20-14 Z did very well at the Bremerton AKC Show. At 8 months old Z took a major his first day of showing. BEST OF WINNERS, BEST OPPOSITE SEX, AND WINNERS DOG. Z you are amazing!! Big thankyou to Jennifer Ferguson for doing such a great job showing Z. 9-4-14 ROSETHORN CHARM'N Z ALMIGHTY UPDATE. Z is in Idaho with my friend Jennifer of Indigo Rats. He will be visiting and starting his AKC show career. I will keep you all informed as to how this handsome Rosethorn Terrier boy handles this new phase of his life. I just know he is going to take the world be storm. Z is beautiful inside and out. Z has a heart of gold, is very obedient and loves to show off. Good luck Z!! I have named Orbit, Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty. He is a member of the Stellar litter born on 12/25/13, who will be staying here at Rosethorn Terriers. This little boy each week is growing into his name.  He is just handsome, smart, and looking dare I say 'Almost Perfect'. I am starting his album, and will continue to add to it as he grows and matures into the dog he is destined to be. Enjoy the show and be a part of the life and times of Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty, out of Rosethorn Like A Charm and sired by Rosethorn Hans Zolo. Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty is a grand-son of Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun. We are calling him Z and he is the final letter in this saga. To talk about Z or any Rosethorn Terrier feel free to call me, Candace Drake at 209-743-1664 or email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com
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Rosethorn Terriers at the Show
7. Rosethorn Terriers at the Show  (April 26 & 27)
Rosethorn made a respectable showing at the Central Valley RTC UKC show last weekend. We took Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow, Rosethorn Pinot Noir, and my little four month old Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty.  In brief, Shogun got a major win "Champion of Champions" under Judge Larry Hanson. Arrow got "Winner of Winners" under Judge Daryl Turner. Pinot showed her little heart won her class but did not take a major win. My Rosethorn Charm'n Z Almighty won best puppy under Judge Tracey Kallas and Judge Daryl Turner, and notably got BEST IN SHOW PUPPY under Judge Daryl Turner.  A wonderful time was enjoyed by all, and thank you to the Judges who chose Rosethorn Terriers, and CVRTC for putting on a fun show. A special thank you to my friend Jennifer Ferguson of Indigo Rat Terriers Texas, who is owner of 9 mo. old female puppy Rosethorn Shogun IGO Sadie Mae of Rosethorn Terriers. Jennifer thank you for the wonderful pictures you took of Rosethorn Terriers and extra special thank you to her grand-daughter Nevaeh 8 years old, who was a great help with the dogs.  All Rosethorn Terriers are PLL clear, and we do have puppies, THE DERBY LITTER and THE LUV LITTER BOTH SIRED BY ROSETHORN CUPID'S ARROW, currently available . Enjoy!!
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Rosethorn Ladies
8. Rosethorn Ladies  (August 7, 2012)
I am proud to introduce the Rosethorn Rat Terrier Ladies.  Each one of these beautiful and sweet girls contributes their unique qualities to our breeding program. All of our ladies are PLL clear here at Rosethorn Terriers
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Our Handsome Studs
9. Our Handsome Studs  (November 8, 2012)
There are currently three handsome gentlemen standing at stud here at Rosethorn Terriers.  Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, and Shogun's equally awesome father Champion Bruce All Mighty.  Rosethorn Hans Zolo, Shogun's son is now joining his father and grand father as a Rosethorn Terriers gentleman. Stud service is available to approved bitches.
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