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Rosethorn Rat Terriers
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Rosethorn Terriers Adults for Sale
1. Rosethorn Terriers Adults for Sale  (July 13, 2017)
We are reducing our dog  numbers. If you have a permanent loving home to offer one of our Rosethorn Terriers please call me at 209-743-1664.  I am making the following adult dogs available to permanent and appropriate homes only. All are double registered,  PLL clear, healthy and up to date on shots and worming. All these dogs are a loved family members. I will be choosing the best possible permanent home for these lovely individuals. Evacuation of all the Rosethorn Terriers for 7 days during the DETWILLER fire is the reason I am reducing my dog numbers. That is the only reason I am making these beautiful, loving Rosethorn Rat Terriers available. Serious inquiries only please. Call 209-743-1664 to discuss adding one to your forever family.
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Rosethorn Ladies
2. Rosethorn Ladies 
I am proud to introduce the Rosethorn Rat Terrier Ladies.  Each one of these beautiful and sweet girls contributes their unique qualities to our breeding program. All of our ladies are PLL clear here at Rosethorn Terriers
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Our Handsome Studs
3. Our Handsome Studs  (2016)
Presenting the final 5 exceptional stud dogs here at Rosethorn Terriers.


2) JANDEES SHAMUS MCGEE  (dob 6/02/2015)

3) ROSETHORN HIROLL'N KANDY TWIST (dob 7/06/2015)                          

4) FIREBALL@ROSETHORN B.B. STORM (dob 6-21-2016)

5) ROSETHORN EARTHQUAKE (dob 7-29-2017)

All Rosethorn Terriers breeding dogs are clear of the genetic disease PLL. Our current studs are PLL clear by parentage. Its important to test for PLL and commit to breeding CLEAR ONLY dogs and bitches in order to eradicate this disease. Our  handsome studs are double registered AKC & UKC. We have made the decision not to outbreed our stud dogs. Enjoy photo's of our well-behaved, unique, correct to the breed standard, and exceptionally handsome gentlemen with whom I am privileged to share my daily life. Thank you,
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PLL Testing by OFFA.ORG
4. PLL Testing by OFFA.ORG 
Rosethorn Terriers has taken a strong stand against the breeding of Rat Terriers who are carriers, affected or unknown status of the genetic disease PLL. In support of this I am posting the PLL testing of my foundation dogs and on outbred studs that contributed to the current line of Rosethorn Terriers breeding dogs. The current dogs that contribute to Rosethorn Terriers are PLL clear by parentage.  In 10 generations I will once again pay to have my breeding dogs tested in order to validate the genetic Clear By Parentage status. All this information is available to anyone on the OFFA.org website under PLL testing. Thank you for your time and commitment to a future Rat Terrier Breed that is completely clear of this heart breaking disease.
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Rosethorn Terriers Dogshow's
5. Rosethorn Terriers Dogshow's   (August 13, 2017)
Rosethorn Terriers at the dog shows.  To see our more recent achievements take a look at www.facebook.com/RosethornTerriers
This folder contains dog show photo's and achievements of our breeding and retired Rosethorn Terriers, as well as our extended Rosethorn Terriers family who show their dogs. Enjoy!
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