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Can It!
1. Can It!  (June 14, 2018)
A watering can used to be a staple of just about every household in suburbia. Now they're not so common. I found an old one in our garage and it had a leak on the bottom. Rather than repairing it, I decided to paint it qand use it as a planter.
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Boxed Out
2. Boxed Out 
In the process of cleaning out our house, I came across and old shipping crate that had a hinged lid and some old writing on the sides. It has a kind of funky retro look to it, so I will try and neaten it up a bit and see if it can be sold.
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Shine A Light
3. Shine A Light  (Restoring an old outdoor light)
While cleaning out our garage, I came across an outdoor light, that I like. So I decided to trry and clean it up and make it useable or marketable.
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Bathroom with a view
4. Bathroom with a view  (remodel)
Our bathroom was in sad shape. There were holes in the ceiling, the wallpaper had started peeling and the floor was buckled.
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Looking Back
5. Looking Back  (Replacing my father's handiwor)
My father had the mirror knocked off his 1992 Toyota Corolla. In order to pass inspection, he needed it. So he jammed a piece of wood inside and screwed it back in place. This allowed him to pass inspection, but it couldn't be adjusted to view at the proper angle. I ordered a new one and replaced his improvised repair.
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Reviving chisels
6. Reviving chisels  (February 17, 2018)
While cleaning our basement, I came acxross a set of chisels that have never been used, but were in nasty condition. How I made them look repectable.
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7. AMonumentalTask  (12/11/2017)
My dad died unexpectedly. He was a hoarder and cleaning up the junk he left behind is a nightmare.
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Xtreme Pumpkinex
8. Xtreme Pumpkinex  (10/31/17)
I've gotten into the habit of trying to carve Extreme Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween. This year I got behind in my attempts and I ended up trying to cut corners. The results are less than spectacular.
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Banging my head to make a boom box
9. Banging my head to make a boom box 
I had taken this week off so I could tidy up the wiring and finish off the details of my interior. The weather is working against me, so I had to find other projects to keep me occupied.
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10. June25th2017GoldCoastCruisersCarShow  (6/25/2017)
Every year The Gold Coast Cruisers throw a car show. here are so,me photos  from this year's outing
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11. June17th2017AutoMatCarShow  (June 17, 2017)
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Newsday Field Of Wheels 2017
12. Newsday Field Of Wheels 2017  (May 27, 2017)
The first car show I've attended this season
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13. Pumked-Out  (10/29/16)
Every year I try carving an extreme pumpkin. Here is this years' installment.
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Sept EisenhowerParkCarShow2016
14. Sept EisenhowerParkCarShow2016   (Sept/2016)
One Of The Bigger Car Shows on Long Island
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15. 2016SearsCarShow  (7/17/16)
Sears has been hosting a car show for a few years now, and I went to check it out.
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