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1. Tiki-It-Out  (2016)
Creating a tiki head out of a chunk of scrap wood.
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2. Pumpkin'UpTheJamz  (halloween2015)
Last year I tried my hand at extreme pumpkin carving. This year I'm seeing if I can do better.
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3. 2015EisenhowerParkCarShow  (September 26, 2015)
This is a two day event, I figured I'd hit the scene on Saturday to leave Sunday free to watch football.Little did I know that today was the Mopar portion and the full show is tomorrow, so who needs to see football anyway?
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4. CruizinCarShow  (Sept.20, 2015)
Every year Winthrop University Hospital holds a Cruizin' For a Cure car show at Sears In Hicksville to raise money and awareness for Prostate cancer.
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FirstCarShowOf2015, NYIT
5. FirstCarShowOf2015, NYIT  (Sunday April 26th, 2015)
I missed a bunch of car shows last summer, so this year I'm going to try and reverse that trend. I was eating at my favorite Ihop on Saturday evening, when the waiter spotted me reading Street Rodder magazine. He told me that New York Institute Of Technology was having a car show, that I might be interested in. Naturally I was, NYIT is my alma mater, and it's close to home, two good reasons for me to attend.
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6. Pumpkarve  (October 31, 2014)
I started on Thursday but finished after the witching hour. My first stab at extreme pumpkin carving
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First Car Show of 2014
7. First Car Show of 2014  (August 9, 2014)
My Truck took a dump before Easter. I had hopes of having it back by the first day of summer, and certainly by the Fourth Of July. Welllll...It's August and I'm still a prisoner to the bus. The Car show season is petering out and the only one I made it to is in the parking lot where I work Monday to Friday.
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8. Nov2ndBelmontCarShow  (November 2, 2013)
Probably the last show of this season that I'll be getting to and it just happens to be where I work. Hardly the place I want to spend my days off!
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9. Oct.20TappansBeachCarShow   (October 20, 2013)
Only by sifting through the morning newpaper did I stumble across a car show less than a mile from home.
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10. Sept8thSearsCarShow  (September 8, 2013)
The "Official" end of summer has passed, but the weather doesn't know that. The local Sears had a car show in their parking lot, so naturally I went...
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11. August10BelmontCarShow  (August 10, 2013)
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12. Auto-Mat-IcCarshow  (June 15, 2013)
A local auto reupholsterer has acar show. This is the second one I've attended, but I got there a bit too late to see all there was.
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Truck Stop
13. Truck Stop  (June 2, 2013)
A friend at work is into scuba diving and does a lot of traveling. He had a wooden divider made to keep his stuff seperated in the bed of his truck. I offered to pinstripe it for him. He puts stickers from the places he's been on it. I am no pinstriper, but you have to start somewhere...
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Fiel Of Wheels 2
14. Fiel Of Wheels 2  (May 18, 2013)
For the second time, I'm attending the car show puit on by the Long Island Newspaper, Newsday.
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First Car Show Of 2013
15. First Car Show Of 2013  (April 21, 2013)
Hitting car shows is one of my passions. This is the first of 2013, and it happens to be where I work...Belmont Park.
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