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Pam's Fall Meet 2018
1. Pam's Fall Meet 2018  (October 27, 2018)
Again this Year, I made the trip to Bloomington, Indiana, to attend  "Pam's Fall Meet" In memory of his late Wife Pam, Hosted by Jim Schlick at his home in Bloomington IN. I left home on Wednesday and stopped overnight in Lexington, KY. drove the rest of the way Thursday morning. I leave early for the Meet, in order to give Jim a hand getting ready.
The meet was as usually A great success, beautiful fall Saturday with intermittent sun. The meet was very well attended and some interesting car's on display among Jim's fleet of 17 Peugeot's ranging from 1960 Peugeot 403 Wagon to A 2001 Peugeot 206XS At noon a real nice Buffet was served, Everyone had a great time visiting and admiring all the cars, Just a terrific get together !! Early Sunday morning, I started my return trip back to Richmond, VA. Halfway in Kentucky  My Exhaust on my 85 505TD wagon decided to stay behind, So the rest of the way I was driving a      " Roaring Lion "
Made the 1500 mile round trip without any other incidents ! Just a GREAT WEEKEND !!!!!
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My1972 Volvo 1800ES
2. My1972 Volvo 1800ES  (October 13, 2018)
This is the 1800ES that I bought recently, Pictures was provided by seller. Seller had the A/C installed before I took delivery of the car !
Who wants a car without A/C in Virginia !!
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85 Mercedes 300CD Engine Running
3. 85 Mercedes 300CD Engine Running  (October 3, 2018)
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Pam's Fall Meet, 2017
4. Pam's Fall Meet, 2017  (October 28, 2017)
Again, this year, Jim Schlick again hosted "Pam's Fall Meet" at his home in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a rather cold day! Temp. only in the 40's. There was still a nice turnout, we all had a great time visiting and admiring all the cars. I made the 1400 mile round trip in my 85 505 TD wagon. Ran great, no problems at all, got 28 Mpg. on the trip! On my return trip I had 2 of Jim's Peugeot Mopeds in the back of the wagon. Had to leave the 3rd one for another trip, as Jim has given up on them, guess I will have a winter Project now, trying to get them running.
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Pams Fall Meet 2016
5. Pams Fall Meet 2016  (October 22, 2016)
On Sat. Oct. 22. Jim Schlick again hosted “ Pam’s Fall Meet” at his home in Bloomington, Indiana, in memory of his late wife Pam Schlick.
Jim owns a very impressive collection of Peugeot’s, some very rare model are in his collection.
It was a very beautiful fall day and the meet was very well attended, many very interesting car’s to look at.  A real nice Buffet lunch
Was served at noon with a lot of delicious dishes.  We all had a great time admiring the car’s and share ring car stories, Just a great
Get together ! Jim Host this meet every year in the month of October !!
I have attended this meet for many Years, always looking forward to the meet’s. This Year I drove my 85 Mercedes Benz 300CD
I left Richmond, VA Wed. and arrived at Jim’s on Thursday, I always drive out early, in order to help Jim get ready for the meet.
I left for home  early Sun AM and made the 700 mile trip back to Richmond in 11 hour’s The M-B 300 CD made the trip without an
Problems, pretty good for a 30+ year old car and the odometer passed 319.000 miles on the way home.
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Pam's Fall Meet 2015
6. Pam's Fall Meet 2015  (October 12, 2015)
Pictures from "Pam's Fall Meet " At Jim Schlick's. We had a fantastic day, beautiful sunshine. Lots of car's to look at, very well attended, just a great get-together. I left for my return trip back to Richmond, VA. I made the 700 mile trip in 11 hour's in my 84 604 GTD, (No Ticket's) ran great, no issues at all, Got 31 mpg, Not bad for cruising 70-75 mph,traffic was not bad at all and the weather was great. Jim now has a total of 17 Peugeot's !! His latest addition , the 403 wagon looks like it just came out of a show room, Just a real beauty.
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2015 Carlisle Import & kit car show
7. 2015 Carlisle Import & kit car show   (May 19, 2015)
Just got back home from a great weekend at the show, Arrived Friday afternoon and spend all Saturday there, Really nice weather until later in the afternoon a Thunder storm decided to pay a visit With heavy downpour, and a lot of wind Ended up sitting under karl Nelson's Canopy with karl and Dave, trying to keep it where it was setup!! We got a good soaking ! Oh ! By the way Dave, did you find your tent where it was setup ??. It was a great weekend. This morning I stopped by the show field, it was raining and not much activity, so I headed for home. got back home around 1PM.
I drove my 85 505 S wagon 5 speed, Topped of the fuel tank and the result is 25.8 mpg, Not bad.
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Schlick Car show 2014
8. Schlick Car show 2014  (October 11, 2014)
Again this Year, I made the trip from Richmond, VA to Bloomington IN, to attended Jim Schlick car Show (Pam's Fall Meet)
I left home Wed. 8th and drove to Lexington, KY where I stayed overnight and continued to Jim's Thursday morning.
I vent early, so I could help Jim get ready for the meet, as Jim don't get around to well, do to his Knee replacement.
Jims Brother and brother-in-law with their family's, also came to help out!

Saturday turned out to be a nice day for the meet. Jim had all of his Peugeot's on display along with 25 interesting car's
from the area. We all had a great time visiting and admiring all the Car's. At 1PM a great lunch was served, all kinds of delicious
food, Just a great day for looking at cars and car discussing.
I left for my return trip Sunday morning, Made the 696 mile (GPS) trip home in 11 hours! My 85 505 S 5 speed wagon ran great!!

A very interesting thing happened on the way home on the W.Virginia Turnpike, I was coming up to the tollbooth, with my $2.00
ready for the attendant, The lady informed me, that the car ahead of me had paid the toll for me!! Compliment from a former Peugeot owner!!
I hope someday in the future, I will be able to reciprocate!  Just a great weekend!!
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Video's from "The Schlumpf Collection
9. Video's from "The Schlumpf Collection  (September, 2013)
In Sept 2013 I was on a trip to Europe with my friends Jim Schlick and Dakota Walmsley. Among other places we visited the French National Auto Museum "The Schlumpf Collection" in Mulhouse France. The video is in 2 parts do to the size. Each about 25 minutes long. I did have to reduce the quality to make it fit!!
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VideoPeugeot Museum "L"Aventure Peugeot
10. VideoPeugeot Museum "L"Aventure Peugeot  (September, 2013)
In Sept 2013 I was on a trip to Europe with my friends Jim Schlick and Dakota Walmsley. Among other places we visited " L'Adventure Peugeot"
the video is about 25 minutes long. Best viewed on Full Screen!
I did have to reduce the quality in order to get it uploaded to this site!
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Picures fromFrench National Auto Museum
11. Picures fromFrench National Auto Museum  (September, 2013)
Pictures from The French national Auto Museum "Schlumpf Collection " In Mulhouse, France
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2013 Pam's fall Meet
12. 2013 Pam's fall Meet   (October 19, 2013)
This past weekend I was in Bloomington, Indiana attending "Pam's Fall Meet" Hosted by my friend Jim Schlick in memory of his late wife Pam Schlick.
We had a great turnout, Even if it was raining in the morning, the sun did come out late morning and we all had a great time. A great buffet lunch was served early afternoon to everyone's delight!.
I started the trip back home early sunday morning and made the nearly 700mile trip in 11 hour's in my trusty 505 XN6 Wagon. It is allwaye's a delight to se Jim's collection of Peugeot car's all 12 of them!!
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Trip to Germany & France
13. Trip to Germany & France  (September 22, 2013)
My finds Jim Schlick and Dakota Walmsley and myself, Just got back from a 8 day trip to Germany and France, we all met in Boston, MA and caught our flight to Munich, Germany Where we visited The BMW headquarter and Museum. From there we drove by the way of Switzerland to Mulhause, France, where we visited the French Transportation Museum and then on to visit the "National Museum-Schlumpf Collection" witch has over 400 vehicles on display!! From there it was on to the headquarter of Peugeot located in Sochaux, France. There we visited L'Aventure Peugeot for a private guided tour of the museum, And what a exhibit!! All the product made by Peugeot for nearly 200 Years! Peugeot cars from the very first once and on to today's model's fantastic display!!From there we drove to Strausbourg, a very interesting city with a lot of history. Then back to Munich for ouer Return flight back home. We all had a great time and will newer forget this experience! I' just posting the pictures, will try to add captions later?? Album is set as a slide show!!I have about 2 hour's of video that needs to be edited, once done I will post them!!
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Cole Engine
14. Cole Engine  (August 18, 2013)
This is a Cole running model engine.
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2012 Pam's Fall Meet at Jim Schlick's
15. 2012 Pam's Fall Meet at Jim Schlick's  (October 20, 2012)
I left home on Wed Oct 17 and drove to Loisville, KY and spendt the night there, arrived a Jim's home Thur. AM, in order to give Jim a hand getting ready for the meet, We got additional help from Jim's brother Paul and his wife Judy, They drove down from Minneapolis, MN for the meet. Friday night we all attended a Harley club dinner meeting held at the local Harley Davidson Dealer.
Saturday, the day of the meet was rather cool, but there was still several cars that showed up and later a lot of Jim's frind from the Haley Davidson group came.
At 1 PM we all shared a real nice buffett.
Along with Jim Schlick's colloction of 12 Peugeot's. My 84 604 TD was the only other Peugeot at the meet! my 604 made the 1400 mile round trip without any problems, actually turned 300K on the way home!! That car just eats up the miles in great comfort!!
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