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Solar water pasteurization
1. Solar water pasteurization  (May, 2015)
The default recommendation to treat contaminated water is to boil it. However, as microbiologists know from milk pasteurization (160°F, 71°C, for only 15 seconds)boiling is heat far in excess of what is needed. Water will be pasteurized when heated to 149°F (65°C). A reusable, wax-based Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) can verify that water has been pasteurized. Microbiology tests before and after heating verify the disease microbes have been killed.
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Water testing & Pasteurization in Africa
2. Water testing & Pasteurization in Africa 
A guide to water testing in developing countries using a Portable Microbiology Laboratory, and how to pasteurize contaminated water using sunshine and a simple solar cooker.
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3. watermicrohistory  (1987-2003)
History of water testing in developing countries using the Colilert 10 ml presence/absence test and the E. coli Count Petrifilm as test items of a Portable Microbiology Laboratory.
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4. SODISheatchlorine  (July 18, 2011)
Water sources in Lower Nyakach, Kenya, are tested and treated by solar disinfection (SODIS), heat, and chlorine. Will these procedures make the water safe to drink?
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Delft, Holland, 30 July, 2012
5. Delft, Holland, 30 July, 2012  (30 July, 2012)
A stopover in Delft between Kenya and California, with a visit to the tomb of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, citizen of Delft, who made a microscope in the 1670s that was powerful enough to discover the microbial world for all of humanity. He was the first person to see bacteria, yeast, algae, red blood cells, protozoa.
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Bio 139 Lab Practical #1
6. Bio 139 Lab Practical #1 
Photos from lab exercises covered on the first lab practical exam
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Bio 139 Lab Practical 2
7. Bio 139 Lab Practical 2 
Photos from lab exercises covered on the second lab practical exam
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WAPI waxes
8. WAPI waxes  (March 6, 2011)
Testing melting temperature of WAPI waxes
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