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Apple Valley Rat Terrier Club

Welcome to the Apple Valley Rat Terrier Club's web site.

We are a diverse group of people of all ages and interests that share one thing in common - the love of our Dogs!

You are encouraged to join us to have fun and fellowship while learning. Whether you are a Rat Terrier breeder, owner or fancier, whether you own a show dog or a pet dog, all are welcomed.

We host UKC licensed events as well as fun events and encourage you to join us at one of our club activities!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We are an UKC regional Rat Terrier Breed club licensed to offer conformation, obedience and terrier racing. We are a club affiliate to our national parent breed club, the American Rat Terrier Association.

Our club hosts several multi breed shows as well as performance events throughout they year. We encourage participation of junior members, as they are our club and breed's future.

We support local rescue efforts, participate in local pet expos to promote our breed and to assist the public with any questions or concerns they may have about our breed, we sponsor fun activities for our members as well as licensed events, and host a Holiday Party for our members.

Whether you are new to Rat Terriers, thinking of getting your first Rat Terrier, or just a fancier of our breed, contact us to learn more about our club, Apple Valley.

Our club officers:
President - Darin Gillies
Vice President - Mary Carroll
Secretary - Debi Perry
Treasurer - Robin Lutwinas
Board of Directors - CarmetaFrench and Electra Blair

* The American Rat Terrier Association is our UKC Parent Breed Club*
Membership application and Code of Ehtics
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