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Colorado Hills Rat Terriers

I hope you enjoy the peek into our lives through our pictures.

I've never known a time without dogs in my life.

Daddy raised and trained bird dogs and Mama raised poodles when I was young. Throughout the years, we had many different breeds, including a basenji, pointers, a Belgian shepherd, a labrador, poodles and a very smart schnauzer. All of them were special in their own ways. When I was 8 years old, my older brother brought a dog training book home from the school library. I was hooked! I started training any dog I could get a hold of. I got my first Rat Terrier from my Mama in 1991. I've been in love with the breed ever since.

I've been involved in AKC, UKC and NADAC agility since 2000, in UKC conformation since 2003, and in AKC conformation since 2010. We started competing in Rally Obedience in 2009, and in formal obedience in 2013. With the help of several really talented dogs, I've managed to put over 110 titles on them. We show and compete mostly in the Southern states, but occasionally make trips to meet other people across the country.

I am a dog lover, owner and trainer above all else.

But, occasionally, I will have a litter of puppies. Each litter has been planned well in advance... sometimes up to three or four years in advance.

If you are interested in a puppy from one of my girls, please feel free to email me at



Pedigree indicates what the dog should be.
Conformation indicates what the dog appears to be.
Performance indicates what the dog actually is.
-Author Unknown

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at COHillsRats@aol.com.

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Upcoming Litters
1. Upcoming Litters 
These are the litters that are planned for 2019/2020.

If you are interested in a puppy, please CLICK HERE to email me at COHillsRats@aol.com. Thanks!
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The Girls
2. The Girls 
*UKC GrCh URO1 'PR' RPK's Unwritten Paige at COHills RN - Roolz
*UKC GrCh URO1 'PR' K2's Shoot to Thrill at COHills RN CGC - Friday
*AKC GCh/UKC GrCh 'PR' COHills Riding the Edge - Edge
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The Boys
3. The Boys  
*UKC GrCh COHills Kiowa Cadence - Drum
*UKC GrCh 'PR' COHills Play 'N by My Own Roolz - Taboo ('Boo)
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Beloved Pets
4. Beloved Pets 
*UKC GrCh DH's Wind Beneath My Wings CGC - Aren
*UKC GrCh URO-3 UAG-I UCD UWP K2's SoBe an Outlaw at COHills CM RA CD BN TKN CL1-H CL1-S CGC SPOT-ON Super Dog - Colt
*UKC GrCh UAG-I COHills Anasazi Princess CM CL1-R CL1-H BIMBS RBIMBS CGC - Tehya
*UKC Ch PTN URO2 UWP 'PR' COHills Line in the Sand CD RN BN TKN CGC SPOT-ON - Bad
*UKC Ch 'PR' COHills Jolly Traveler - Radler
*'PR' COHills Red Headed Stranger - Willie
*UKC Ch 'PR' COHills Who Made Who? - Angus
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Co-owned ratties living somewhere else
5. Co-owned ratties living somewhere else 
*UKC Ch URO1 'PR' Blackwood's .22 Scamp at COHills CGC SPOT-ON - Pistol
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6. Performance 

I have put over 140 performance and conformation titles on my kids. Here are some pictures of each of them enjoying the game.

Currently competing/training:
*UKC GrCh URO1 'PR' K2's Shoot to Thrill at COHills RN CGC - Friday
*UKC Ch PTN URO2 UWP 'PR' COHills Line in the Sand CD RN BN TKN CGC SPOT-ON - Bad
*UKC GrCh COHills Kiowa Cadence - Drum
*AKC GCh/UKC GrCh COHills Riding the Edge - Edge
*D-S Sally Skull at COHills - Silly Sally
*LMJ's Dirty Deeds at COHills CGC STAR - Mud

*UACHX Cari Ann AX AXJ AXP AJP OAC NGC OJC CGC - Cari - 11 UKC HIT, 4 High Combined's - RIP 3/2014  
*UKC CH UAG-II Sir Cajun Penderpete NA NAC NGC NJC CGC - Petey - 1 UKC HIT - RIP 8/2007
*UAG-I Princess Raney Jo of COHills CGC - Raney - 6 UKC Junior HIT - RIP 12/2016
*UKC GrCh UAG-I K2's Wildfire at COHills NA NAJ CL-1 CGC - Ember - RIP 10/2012
*UKC GrCh URO1 UWP Bur-Way's Wild Ride at COHills RN CGC STAR - Rodeo (Dodie) - RIP 3/21/2019
*UKC GrCh UAG-I COHills Anasazi Princess CM CL1-R CL1-H BIMBS RBIMBS CGC - Tehya - Retired
*UKC GrCh URO-3 UAG-1 UWP UCD K2's SoBe an Outlaw at COHills CM RA CD BN TKN CL1-H CL1-S CGC SPOT-ON, UKC Super Dog, UKC Rally Obedience Top 50 in 2018 - Colt - Retired
*UKC Ch URO-1 Kenann's Serenity of COHills RN CGC - 'Nara - Retired
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7. Sally 
Registered Name: D-S Sally Skull at COHills

DOB: 1/18/2018                             Color: Blue
Expected Weight: 38 pounds           Height: 18 inches                             
Will Be Registered UKC         

Health Clearances:

Breeder: Sandy Adcock of D-S Texas Blue Lacys

Sire: D-S Dee Man (blue)
Dam: D-S Tanya Tucker (red)


Current Standings:

Sally Skull was called the "Scariest Siren in Texas". Sally was known throughout Texas as a woman who could shoot, trade horses, ride, and lasso as good as any man. Better. She could shoot flawlessly, ride like a man, and cuss like a muleskinner. She also loved dancing and draw poker. Most of all, Sally loved men. She had a total of five husband-notches in her gun belt, all of whom felt her dominance. “Dogmatic and determined, she possessed so much strength that none of her husbands could stand living with her for very long.” She reportedly killed them when she was tired of them. Not only was she adept at using the six-shooters in the cartridge belt on her hips (French pistols hidden beneath her skirts, when she wore skirts), she carried a rifle and was as good a sharpshooter as Annie Oakley, long before Annie was born. One of her businesses was  freighting cotton by wagon train to Mexico in exchange for guns, ammunition, medicines, coffee, shoes, clothing, and other goods vital to the Confederacy. She had a reputation of ruthlessness and of ruling the armed trail hands with the crack of her whip, fueled by a hasty and nasty temper. Nonetheless, the trail hands (teamsters) developed a healthy respect for such a woman who knew so many cuss words, the type of words that would “scald the hide off a dog.”
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