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Monterey Humane Society 2001 Rescue
Guinea Pig Rescue at the SPCA of Monterey (http://www.spcamc.org) in California of 350+ guinea pigs that were being bred for animal testing at various labs and schools. These photos are prior to adoptions. For the latest information on adoptions, please contact Lisa Giesick, at MHS (877) 477-2262 ext. 236 (lgiesick@spcamc.org). These photos were taken at the SPCA in Monterey a couple of days after the rescue, but before the bulk of the activity on adoptions started. For more on the story. . . see this article on Cavy Spirit.
Date(s): September 2, 2001. Album by Teresa Murphy. Photos by Kara Westbrook & Teresa Murphy. 1 - 42 of 100 Total. 0 Visits.
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