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1965 AMD65 (AKMS) (7.62x39)
The AMD65 was a Hungarian variant of the AKM using a stamped receiver. it uses a single strut folding stock & a very short barrel w/a large muzzle brake suppressor to control (at least attempt) flash/recoil. They were issued to armor crews, paratroops & other specialized units where the shortness of the weapon was an advantage. This went as far as having 20rd mags for these weapons although standard 30rd & 40rd RPK mags are interchangeable.
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Enlarge photo 1

Amd65 right side Edit
These were built on an American made receiver using the AMD65 parts kits currently available, the muzzle brake/barrel has been extended to the legal length & the folding stock has been permanently fixed in place to comply w/all federal laws.

Enlarge photo 2

AMD 65 R w/mag pouch & M65 knife
Right side view w/mag pouch, holds 4 20rd mags, oiler kit & tools & the very rare M65 paratrooper knife. This knife uses a blade very similiar, if not identical to the AKM bayonet but has a plastic handle & cannot be affixed to rifle as it is a knife & not a bayonet.

Enlarge photo 3

AMD65 R Set w-knives
Another view showing the M56 knife out of the scabbard (which is the same as the AKM scabbard) & also showing the "practice" M56 which uses the same handle as the M56 but has a rounded unsharpened blade.

Enlarge photo 4

AMD65 R Butt
View of the right side of the folder stock, this particular rifle has the stock "fixed" & does not fold, also note the sling is simple looped around the stock, this is not standard, most of the earlier examples of semi-auto AMD65 clones did not have the rear sling swivel installed!

Enlarge photo 5

AMD65 right view of action
here you cans ee the 20rd mag, the very distinctive Hungarian plastic grip (these came w/wood grip sets) & part of the distinctive Hungarian front lower handguard which was metal & vented.

Enlarge photo 6

AMD65 right forend
Here's a view showing the front handguard w/it's forward grip, again plastic although wood sets were also used. Also note the lack of an upper hand guard, this was a carryover from the Hungarian AMD 63 which was itself a "variant" of the Soviet AKM.

Enlarge photo 7

AMD65 right Muzzle & M65 knives
A closeup of the distinctive AMD 65 compensatr/flash hider & the M56 fighting knife & scabbard & the "practice" M56.

Enlarge photo 8

AMD 65 Front sight & muzzle attachment
Note the extension on the muzzle device which brings the barrel w/device attached to the legal 16" limit, on original military AMD 65's the rear "cone" portion of the device is against the front sight base. The device is permanently fixed to the barrel.

Enlarge photo 9

AMD 65 left view of the muzzle

Enlarge photo 10

AMD65 L forend
The sling on this rifle is an original Hungarian military AK sling, it's made of leather (as opposed to canvas) & uses a buckle & prong as opposed to the sliding buckle of the Romanian leather AK sling.

Enlarge photo 11

AMD 65 Rear sight
Battle sight setting marked w/"A", & range markings of 800 meters as opposed to naormal AKM variant sights which are 1000 meters, this due to the range abilities of the short barrel of the AMD 65, where it's use was more like a submachine gun than an assault rifle.

Enlarge photo 12

AMD65 L Actn

Enlarge photo 13

AMD65 L butt
A view of the left side of the folder, also the rear sling swivel on these rifles are mounted on this part of the receiver, above the pistol grip & in front of the trunnion. There is a slot in the receiver (which US made recvrs don't have) & a sling swivel w/folding tabs is affixed. This location was originally where the earlier milled receiver Type3 AK47 had it's rear swivel, the later AKM moved this to the buttstock.

Enlarge photo 14

AMD65 left w-knives
Also showing the rear of the mag pouch.

Enlarge photo 15

AMD 65 L set w-knife
Same view but w/o the practice knife & the M56 combat knife sheathed.

Enlarge photo 16


Enlarge photo 17

AMD 65 Acc Pouch set
AMD 20rd mag pouch, held 4 20rd mags, oiler kit (bottle for oil, cleaning fluid both on a small base) & the tool/cleaning kit.

Enlarge photo 18

AMD65 cleaning/tool kit in bag
A complete AMD 65 tool/cleaning kit still sealed in plastic, contained the usual AKM tube, tools & brushes & a special wrench for the muzzle device & a blank firing adaptor.

Enlarge photo 19

M65 para knife
A pic of the very rare Hungarian M65 paratrooper knife. Not the distinctive hanger strap utilized on this knife.

Enlarge photo 20

AMD M56 knife set
On top is the scabbard for the M56 para knife, basically a standard Hungarian AKM scabbard w/the distinctive yellowish insulator but a heavy leather frog strap, next is the practice knife & on the bottom is the M56 para knife.

Enlarge photo 21

AMD M56 Knife set left view

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