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Cardinal Dolan's Visit
1. Cardinal Dolan's Visit  (January 30, 2014)
St. Mary School had a very special visitor during this year's Catholic Schools Week!  Cardinal Dolan celebrated Mass and toured our school.  Afterwards, the entire student body was invited to a Q & A session which will be broadcast on Sirius XM.  Thank you, Cardinal Dolan, for visiting our school!
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Operation Christmas Child
2. Operation Christmas Child  (November 25, 2013)
Operation Christmas Child is a global effort to provide Christmas gifts for boys and girls of all ages.  The outpouring of generosity from our school families was simply amazing.  We are hoping to track the packages to their destinations around the world! Thank you, thank you!
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Thanksgiving Feast - Grades 8 and 1
3. Thanksgiving Feast - Grades 8 and 1  (November 25, 2013)
The students of Grade 8 enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving Feast right before the holiday break.  A VERY special thank you to all of the helping hands (Moms!) who made it all possible.  Grade 1 Buddies joined the students for dessert. Looks like a lot of fun!
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Food Drive 2013
4. Food Drive 2013  (November 2013)
Thank you to each and every student of St. Mary School!  The children collected over 1000 cans of food for those in need in our local community.  Awesome!
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5. Confirmation  (November 23, 2013)
Congratulations to this year's Confirmants!  It was great to see some old friends as well - great job, Grade 7!
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Cornbread - Grade 1
6. Cornbread - Grade 1  (November 21, 2013)
The students in Mrs. Graham's First Grade class had a great time with parent volunteers in the kitchen!  Measuring, pouring, stirring - just like the pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving feast!  Great job, Grade 1 -sooooo yummy!
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Fire Prevention 2013
7. Fire Prevention 2013  (November 2013)
A very special thank you to the Rombout Fire Department for taking the time to visit our school to share the basics of fire safety.  Stop...drop...and roll!
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"Helping Drew" Puppet Show
8. "Helping Drew" Puppet Show  (November 7, 2013)
Students heard an anti-bullying message in the creative "Helping Drew" Puppet show sponsored by our Parent Partnership Association!
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Scholastic Olympics Celebration
9. Scholastic Olympics Celebration  (November 6, 2013)
During a visit from Father Joe, St. Mary 8th Graders celebrate their 2nd Place finish at the Dutchess County Catholic Schools Scholastic Olympics competition!
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Halloween 2013
10. Halloween 2013  (October 31, 2013)
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Halloween Party
11. Halloween Party  (October 25, 2013)
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Student Council Election Speeches
12. Student Council Election Speeches  (October 24, 2013)
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Book Fair
13. Book Fair  (October 21, 2013)
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Saints of Swing
14. Saints of Swing  (October 17, 2013)
Students enjoyed the sounds of swing musing at this event sponsored by our Parent Partnership Association.
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Carnival 2013
15. Carnival 2013  (October 4, 2013)
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