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Sara's photography
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Scenes from the Palouse
1. Scenes from the Palouse  (June 2013)
Fabulous trip to the Palouse area with John Barclay and Dan Sniffin leading a wonderful group of photographers all over the place!  The weather was picture perfect everyday and no matter where your eye looked, there was a picture just waiting to be taken :).  Here is a small sampling of some of the images I captured, the first one was shot with the iphone (another album of images shot only with the iphone will be posted soon)....the rest were shot with my 'big girl' cameras...regular and infrared... Enjoy!
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iphone pix from the garden
2. iphone pix from the garden 
I have had such fun shooting with the iphone and processing the images with various apps on the ipad - especially when shooting flowers in my greenhouse and garden!  Here is a collection of flower images that I have shot  so far this year.....enjoy!
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Italy 2011 trip
3. Italy 2011 trip 
Finally!  here are some images from our two week trip to Italy.....we spent most of our time in the Tuscany region....Carl was looking for homes for sale by day two!  we loved it.  enjoy!
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Iceland Day one and two
4. Iceland Day one and two  (July 2010)
These images were taken the first two days on a Focus on Nature workshop with Tony Sweet in Iceland.  The scenery was jaw dropping and I have never taken so many images on a workshop before! The first day we started out at a geothermal power plant and literally never looked back.  Enjoy!
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St. Martins, Canada
5. St. Martins, Canada  (July 2010)
Here are some images taken during a fabulous workshop with Andre Gallant and Freeman Patterson.  We stayed at the lovely St. Martins Country Inn over looking the Bay of Fundy.  Can't get any better than this!
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6. Flowers 
Here is a collection of flower pictures that I have taken over the past several months.  There is a mix of techniques used to capture the images and a mix of techniques to develop them. Some were frozen in my freezer and photographed as the ice melted.  Some were shot in my garden, my studio and at Longwood gardens.  The ones in a circle format were shot with the lensbaby fisheye lens.  Enjoy!
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Fonthill Castle
7. Fonthill Castle  (Jan 31st)
John Barclay organized a visit to the Fonthill Castle where photography is not allowed - so naturally I had to go when he extended an invitation to join his group!  The castle was amazing and I hope to return there again.  Most of the images here were shot with either a wide angle lens or a lens baby with the soft focus lens.  No flash was allowed inside - so HDR ruled the day.  Hope you enjoy -comments welcome.
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Bombay Hook, DE
8. Bombay Hook, DE  (November, 2009)
Went to Bombay Hook, DE for the first time - what a wonderful place this is!  The sunrise was glorious and the birds were very talkative.  What a sight they are when they all take off at once!  enjoy
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Black and White
9. Black and White 
Here are some black and white images that have been taken over the past two years.  There is a mix of infrared (IR) and regular digitals that were converted to black and white - most of the time I used Nik's Silver Efx filter.  Enjoy!
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Longwood Gardens - again!
10. Longwood Gardens - again!  (spring 2009)
Here are a mix of shots from Longwood gardens in the late summer 2008 and early spring 2009.  I go there often and have so many images that it's hard picking which ones to put up on the website!  Enjoy!
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Smokies Workshop
11. Smokies Workshop  (April 2009)
Enjoyed yet another fabulous workshop with Tony Sweet in the Smokies!  I don't think I will ever tire of going there every year.  As usual - I have processed images using montages, HDR, Nik filters and Fractalius and have added in one that I did to look like a painting.
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Henryton, MD
12. Henryton, MD  (March 2009)
These shots were taken at an abandoned hospital in MD - a HUGE caution to anyone going there - make sure you have an asbestos rated respirator to wear for protection - and only take your camera with lens attached - along with tripod - I would not put anything on the ground/floor!  That said, this site is HDR heaven - Tony Sweet introduced me to the place - I'm going to try and get back there to shoot some IR only now that the leaves are out.  Images processed in HDR, then played around with Nik filters and Fractalius.
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Old Farms
13. Old Farms   (spring 2009)
Here are some shots taken at: 1) an old family farm in North Carolina that was built in 1862 and, 2) an abandoned farm just south of Milwaukee - spotted from the interstate!  All shots taken for HDR, then played around with montages and various effects using Nik filters and Refield's fractalius.
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Old Cars in Hood, VA
14. Old Cars in Hood, VA  (Dec 27, 2008)
I went with three guys to an old car museum that had old cars in a field behind it - can you think of anyone better to go photograph old cars with?  Don Rosenberger found this place last year and has been sharing it with photographers ever since - so Tony Sweet, Jack Nevitt and I went with him to check it out - and what a find it was.  I can't wait to go back!  Here are some images that I have processed playing around with HDR, montages, Nik Efx 3.0 and Silver Efx.  Enjoy!
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More from Delaware Water Gap
15. More from Delaware Water Gap  (10-15-19-08)
Here are some images taken during Tony Sweet's workshop in the Delaware Water Gap.  Enjoy!
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