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Rosethorn Ladies
I am proud to introduce the Rosethorn Rat Terrier Ladies.  Each one of these beautiful and sweet girls contributes their unique qualities to our breeding program. All of our ladies are PLL clear here at Rosethorn Terriers
Date(s): August 7, 2012. 1 - 4 of 4 Total. Shared
1. Angie 
Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller @ Rosethorn is "The Queen" of our group. I thank my sister Cynthia Humphrey of Call Me Farms, in Parrish Fla. for allowing me to have this wonderful Rat Terrier. She is intelligent, athletic and kind natured.  Angie is a standard sized black tri-color piebald 14 1/2 inches and 17 lbs. She has excellent conformation, with exceptional movement and correct angulation.  Angie is an avid hunter, and a loyal and dedicated companion.  She has been the foundation bitch for the current line of Rosethorn Terriers. Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance aka Sidney, Rosethorn Pinot Noir. Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow.  Angie is an excellent mother and leader for all the dogs and puppies here at Rosethorn. She has Grand Champion and Champion bloodlines and it shows all over her. She has produced three  champions and one grand-champion to date Dec. 2013
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Rosethorn Pinot Noir
2. Rosethorn Pinot Noir 
Introducing Rosethorn Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a miniature Rat Terrier. Born and Bred here at
Rosethorn Terriers. Pinot Noir took a major win at the Bloomington show at 6mo. She is a bombshell. This little girl, only 11 inches at the withers, is rock solid.  She has all the good stuff. Angulation, muscle abouds, and strong bone. Pinot Noir is setting a new bar for minatures.  She is proving the strength and beauty of the "small" side of the Rat Terrier breed. Pinot Noir you are amazing, my love.
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Champion Rosethorn Sidney
3. Champion Rosethorn Sidney 
Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance "Sidney" is full sister to Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun.  The beautiful duo I affectionately call them.  Mother to the duo is Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller(thank you to my sister at CallMeFarms) and father is Champion Bruce All Mighty @ CALVal now permanently at home here at Rosethorn Terriers (Thank you Gail Holloway).  Sidney is a miniature and is full of energy.  She is dauntless and always happy. Love's life and everything in it. Sidney is super fast, athletic, and correct. Sidney is fun, and her joyous nature never fails to make me smile. I love you Sidney!!
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4. Berry  
Rock-E-Hill CalVal Wild Berry - named after our local wild growing black berries.  Berry is quite the character.  When she is happy she actually has a little smile that she gives you. She is super smart, extra loving, and in our world extra-special. Berry is a black and tan tuxedo out of Grand-Champion Cal Val Li'l Mr. Big and Champion Rock-E-Hill Tara. Berry is a standard size at 15in and 20 lbs.
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