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Rosethorn Ladies
I am proud to introduce the Rosethorn Rat Terrier Ladies.  Each one of these beautiful and sweet girls contributes their unique qualities to our breeding program. All of our ladies are PLL clear here at Rosethorn Terriers
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Rosethorn Cameo Romance'N Perfection
1. Rosethorn Cameo Romance'N Perfection 
Born 2/14/15 on Valentines Day, Cameo is a Rosethorn Truffles Sweet Delight daughter. Her daddy is Rosethorn Justa Romeo in Chrome, now retired. She is my love, super smart, devoted, beautiful in every way.
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Rosethorn You Can Call Me Queen Bee
2. Rosethorn You Can Call Me Queen Bee 
We just call her Royal, and royal she is. Royal is our largest female weighing in at 22 pounds and 15 inches at the withers. This solid, fast, sweet, and loving Rat Terrier girl is a wonderful mother as she proved last year with 'The Royals Litter' and we are super excited to greet her new up coming litter with Shamus McGee. Thank you my wonderful girl Royal for all you contribute to Rosethorn Terriers. Enjoy!!
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3. CHRosethornCallMeJustaSoftSnowatMidnight 
August 2016 Sierra is an AKC CHAMPION. A huge thank you to Lois 'In It To Win It' Deitrich for showing my girl to her AKC Championship. Lois you are the best!!!!!! Her registered name is Rosethorn Call Me Justa Soft Snow At Midnight, we call her Sierra for short. This girl, a small standard at 14in. and 16lbs. is on her way to becoming an AKC Champion. After that we will breed her.  Sierra loves to show, and I mean loves.  She just can't wait to show off how pretty she is and what a good representative of the Rat Terrier Breed.  When I took Sierra to her first show, just after they became recognized as an AKC breed, no one knew what she was.......AN AMERICAN RAT TERRIER.  So we started there, and now we are on are way!!!
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Rosethorn Truffles Sweet Delight
4. Rosethorn Truffles Sweet Delight 
Truffles for short and definitely delightful. This along with all her other exceptional qualities give 'Rosethorn Truffles Sweet Delight' that "stand out talent" we look for in our Rosethorn Ladies. PLL clear by parentage of course. Truffles is litter sister to Sierra and Royal. These three beautiful sisters are out of foundation bitch Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller thank you Cynthia of Call Me Farms in Florida, and foundation sire Ch. Bruce All Mightys' very last litter. I just couldn't decide who was more beautiful so kept the three here at Rosethorn Terriers. I couldn't be happier.  Truffles is currently bred to Champion Rock-E-Hills Rock E thank you Anita Culp. We cannot wait to see Truffles new Rosethorn Babies when they arrive in March.
Stay tuned...
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Rosethorn Whistl'n Pearl Hart
5. Rosethorn Whistl'n Pearl Hart 
Rosethorn Whistl'n Pearl Hart, sired by Rosethorn Whistl'n Dixie and out of Rosethorn Scarlett (sister to Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow) both owned by Whistl'n Rat Terriers in Arizona. Pearl is a black and white bi-color like her uncle Arrow.  Pearl is a sweetheart in every way.  Very smart, confident and athletic. Pearl is a miniature.
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Rosethorn Petite Bordeaux
6. Rosethorn Petite Bordeaux 
ROSETHORN PETITE BORDEAUX (PLL clear by parentage)is joining our other top notch and beautiful ladies here at Rosethorn Terriers.  Bordeaux, born 1-5-2013 has been raised on the five acres we call home. Bordeaux is an absolute joy - sweet and smart. Also an excellent hunter! Rosethorn Pinot Noir is Bordeaux's mother and her father is GRCH CalVal l'il Mr. Big (now retired). Bordeaux, a miniature standing 12 inches at the withers has abundant muscle and  depth of bone. This little girl is self confident, athletic, with excellent conformation.  Bordeaux had an absolutely gorgeous litter, THE LUV LITTER, May 2014 with Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow. Bordeaux has just been bred to Rosethorn Justa Romeo N Chrome and is her pups are due January 30th 2016. This will be her second litter and we are very excited to see her new babies with Chrome. Bordeaux you are my sweetheart and so much fun. Enjoy!
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Rosethorn Pinot Noir
7. Rosethorn Pinot Noir 
Introducing Rosethorn Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a miniature Rat Terrier, double registered both AKC&UKC. Bred and born right here on Rosethorn. Rosethorn Pinot Noir took a major win in the Bloomington show at 6mo, beating out her older brother Champion Almighty Shogun. She is a BOMBSHELL. The term BRICK HOUSE from my good old days certainly describes my little girl Rosethorn Pinot Noir. Standing just 11 inches at the withers, weighs in at 12 pounds and is rock solid.  She has all the good stuff. Nice shoulder, great angulation, muscle abounds, strong bone and a top notch attitude to go with it. Pinot Noir is setting a new bar for Rat Terriers' of the miniature size.  She is proving the strength and beauty of the "small" side of the Rat Terrier breed. Keep your eyes open for her son, a blue piebald just Pinot's size by the name of ROSETHORN MIDORI, from her 2014 litter "THE LITTLE LICKERS". ROSETHORN MIDORI is living down in So. Cal. and will be hitting the show ring with Kendal his new forever Momma. ROSETHORN HOT SAKE is MIDORI'S sire. Pinot Noir you are amazing, my love.
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Champion Rosethorn Sidney
8. Champion Rosethorn Sidney 
Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance "Sidney" is full sister to Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun.  The beautiful duo I affectionately call them.  Mother to the duo is Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller(thank you to my sister at CallMeFarms) and father is Champion Bruce All Mighty @ CALVal now permanently at home here at Rosethorn Terriers (Thank you Gail Holloway).  Sidney is a miniature and is full of energy.  She is dauntless and always happy. Love's life and everything in it. Sidney is super fast, athletic, and correct. Sidney is fun, and her joyous nature never fails to make me smile. I love you Sidney!!
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Rosethorn Like a Charm
9. Rosethorn Like a Charm 
We simply call her Charm, and charming is what she is. Charm is the mother of AKC Champion Rosethorn IGO Flare Spins Z world. Charm is a classic tri-color piebald and is standard size at 15 in. tall and 21 lbs. In addition to her  sweet nature and easy going temperament, Charm is extremely athletic.  She can and does jump up and do back flips off her kennel wall, people she loves, and when she is just jumping for joy.  Charm is a daughter of Call Me Walk'n on Water. She has all his beauty and wonderful qualities. Stay tuned for the further adventures of 'Charm".
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Rachel Ray
10. Rachel Ray  
Born 8-20-11 Proud to have 'PR' Rock-E Rachel Ray joining our beautiful ladies. 'PR' stands for purple ribbon bred which is 5 generations of UKC registered dogs in her pedigree. She is now double registered with the AKC. Rachel is full sister to Grand-Champion Rock-E Cal Val Guy Smiley and both are out of Grand Champion Rock-E-Hill Bella Mia. Father to Rachel is USR UFR GRCH King Pen's Oz Over thee Rainbow. Rachel Ray is PLL clear by parentage. Thank you Anita Culp for breeding this very nice girl who now has a permanent home with Rosethorn Terriers.  Rachael is one tough little dog.  She makes it her job to keep any wild animal intruders off the Rosethorn acres, and lets me know if people are coming down the lane. Rachel is intelligent, obedient and loyal.  Welcome to Rosethorn Terriers Rachel Ray.
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11. Angie 
Retired, Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller @ Rosethorn will always be  "The Queen" of our group. I thank my sister Cynthia Humphrey of Call Me Farms, in Parrish Fla. for allowing me to have this wonderful Rat Terrier. She is intelligent, athletic and kind natured.  Angie is a standard sized black tri-color piebald 14 1/2 inches and 18 lbs. She has excellent conformation, with exceptional movement and correct angulation.  Angie is an avid hunter, and a loyal and dedicated companion and family member. Angie's offspring are the core of the current line of Rosethorn Terriers. She is the mother of Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, Champion Rosethorn Saint Vitus Dance aka Sidney, Rosethorn Pinot Noir. Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow. and from the Harmony litter, Angie's last - we have three just stunning girls. Angie's daughters 1) ROSETHORN YOU CAN CALL ME QUEEN BEE,aka ROYAL, a chocolate tri-color piebald standard is yet another exceptional bitch.2) AKC CH ROSETHORN CALL ME JUSTA SOFT SNOW AT MIDNIGHT, aka Sierra, black tri-color tuxedo small standard. An absolutely joyful temperament and excellent conformation. 3)ROSETHORN TRUFFLES SWEET DELIGHT, a chocolate tri-color tuxedo small standard. Truff is super fast, a true athlete. Angie's girls will enhance the foundation bloodlines here at Rosethorn Terriers.  Angie is an excellent mother and leader for all the dogs and puppies here at Rosethorn. She has Grand Champion and Champion bloodlines and it shows all over her. She has produced six  champions and two grand-champions to date 2014.
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