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RGold's Collection

Vintage Sportscards & Non-Sports Ephemera

Ronald Goldberg

Leawood, Kansas


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About My Collection & New Additions
1. About My Collection & New Additions 
ABOUT MY COLLECTION-I started collecting baseball cards at age 5, in 1955, in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  I quit collecting during high school, but as Michael Corleone would say, "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

So, I found myself collecting again at age 29, in 1979, about the time when card collecting became a mainstream hobby for adults.  There were hobby publications and price guides, card shops and conventions.

I left the hobby in the early 1990's only to return in 1998, at age 48, to a hobby world of eBay, internet auctions, chat boards, and most importantly, encapsulated graded cards.

My main collecting interest is the inaugural baseball card set produced by the Goudey Gum Company in 1933 advertising Big League Chewing Gum.  I am also working to complete the non sport Indian Gum set issued that first year by the Goudey Gum Company, marking the beginning of the Bubblegum Era in card collecting.  Offbeat 1930's movie star sets from around the world are in my collection too.

Prior to the 1930's, cards were predominantly issued by tobacco companies.  I enjoy working on my 1888 Great Americans set issued by W. Duke, Sons & Company Cigarettes and my 1914 Coupon Cigarette cards, a rare regional baseball set advertising cigarettes only produced and distributed in Louisiana. I also collect a few T206 White Border tobacco cards with rarer advertising backs.

My 1950's Red Man Chewing Tobacco cards represent the first cards advertising a tobacco product since the Golden Era prior to World War I. Included in this set are the baseball stars I grew up watching.

In short, I collect what I like, in the best condition I can find and afford. I think there is something of interest here for almost anybody.  I am thankful for my hobby friends and contacts, a wife that understands my addiction, and a website like ImageEvent that allows me to look at my collection which is, by necessity, locked away in a bank vault.

NEW ADDITIONS-The easiest way to respond when asked what's new in my collection is to provide a link to here.  Plus, this can act as my pictorial collecting blog.  

My most recent additions have been dominated by upgrades to my 1933 Goudey set including the #106 Napoleon Lajoie, one of the most important cards in the hobby.

I was also able to add some beautiful 1914 T213 Coupon Hall of Famers that came from a new hobby find. Do not be fooled by grades that are lower than I normally collect.  These cards are tough to find and simply do not exist in high grades.

So, check out the most recent additions to my collection, which I will update often.
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RGold Collection-1933 Goudey
2. RGold Collection-1933 Goudey 
The 1933 Goudey set is considered to be one of the top three sets in the hobby. It was one of the first sets issued in gum packs.

Although this innovative set is large and contains many expensive stars, the 1933 Goudey cards are widely collected and the competition is fierce.

The set has the distinction of including four different Babe Ruth cards. There is a batting pose with both red and yellow backgrounds, a portrait with green background, and a full body shot.

One of the rarest baseball cards from a mainstream set is card #106 Napoleon Lajoie. It was not originally issued in 1933, so the set could not be completed from packs. In 1934, Goudey issued the card to collectors that sent letters to the company complaining about the missing #106 card. Ironically, the Goudey Company sent the card to those few lucky collectors through the mail attached to a letter with a paper clip. Therefore, many of the surviving copies of this rare card show damage, resulting in it being hard to find in mint-like condition. It is now considered to be one of the "Big Three" most desired baseball cards along with the two cards from the T206 set depicting Honus Wagner and Eddie Plank.

There are only two recognized variations in the set.  Card #6 Jimmy Dykes was originally produced showing his age as 26 and was subsequently corrected to read 36. Card #47 Heinie Manush pictures a fence or no fence above the outfield wall.  None of the variations carry a premium. The set is fairly mistake free and contains only minimal spelling errors which were common in the era of this production.

Printing related errors or anomalies were very rare given that the quality control for the production of Goudey cards was so strong.  However, I do have two examples missing the normal background colors. These may have been caused by running out of certain colors of ink during the printing process or they might somehow be a result of being printed at the same time as the Goudey Indian Gum Set, which had one series with white backgrounds.  Also, I like to collect interesting misstrikes and ghost images from the Goudey sets including the World Wide Gum set issued by Goudey in Canada.

My set is now 100% complete and stands as the #1 1933 Goudey set on the SGC Registry.  I have 179 cards graded SGC 88-92 which represents about 75% of the total set.  I may never finish upgrading this monster, but I am having fun trying.
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RGold Collection-1952 Red Man
3. RGold Collection-1952 Red Man 
Red Man baseball cards were the first national sets of tobacco cards produced since the golden days of tobacco cards in the early part of the 1900's.  The 1952 Red Man Tobacco set is the rarest and hardest to complete of the four years that the cards were issued.

My set was once rated All-Time Finest on the PSA Registry, a listing of all the top baseball card sets. I retired my set after being ranked the best 1952 Red Man set for five years in a row 2002-2006. In 2002, my set was recognized as the top set in its category of regional sets.

In 2007, I began having my collection re-graded by Sportscard Guaranty(SGC), the company I consider to be the best in the hobby.  

This set now consists of the very best cards from my old 1952 Red Man set combined with the very best cards from the Tony Conte collection which I purchased in 2008.  It is now the #1 1952 Red Man set on the SGC Registry, and in 2010 won the SGC Best of Registry Award.

I plan to continue upgrading this set in SGC 88 or better.  Check out my website www.redmancards.com
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RGold Collection-1953-55 Red Man
4. RGold Collection-1953-55 Red Man  
After having the top rated Red Man sets on the PSA Registry for five years, I decided to retire my collection.  I have rebuilt the 1952 set which is now the number one set on the SGC Registry.  I also want to collect a complete run of the other three years that Red Man cards were issued, 1953-1955.  I am putting together nice sets graded SGC 84/86.

The complete run of Red Man sets numbers 208 cards.  Many players appear in more than one of the years with the same poses but backgrounds changed. There are actually only 112 different players and managers represented, with 9 players appearing in all four years.  There are included 27 Hall of Famers but unfortunately some of the biggest stars of the era were not chosen.
The 1952 Red Man set has 52 cards, and it is considered to be the hardest to complete. The 1953 Red Man set has 52 cards, and I am six cards short of completing it.  The 1954 Red Man set has 54 cards which includes four variations which makes the set interesting.  I am missing three cards.  The 1955 Red Man set is supposed to be the easiest to complete although I am still missing three of the 50 cards in the set.
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RGold Collection-1914 T213 Coupon Type 2
5. RGold Collection-1914 T213 Coupon Type 2 
The T213 (Type 2) Coupon Cigarettes cards were issued in 1914, making them one of the last traditional tobacco sets of the golden era.

Borrowing the same images as T206, the T213 (Type 2) Coupon set was issued exclusively in the Louisiana area. They are most always kept from higher grades due to light creases(cracks) which are a result of the cards being manufactured with a lacquer coating to the front. The Louisiana climate did not help the preservation of the cards either. Plus, who knows how many cards may have been lost during Hurricane Katrina.  

I like to collect Hall of Famers from this set with nice eye appeal regardless of the technical grade.  There are 21 Hall of Famers with variations numbering 49 different cards.  I am also going to include Hal Chase's six cards, three poses with two team variations of each.

I have all 21 Hall of Famers, but I will be looking for the pose and team variations that I need.  I also have four out of six Hal Chase cards that were included in the set.  I am currently missing 9 of the possible 55 cards that will make up this collection.
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RGold Collection-1909-11 T206
6. RGold Collection-1909-11 T206  
These cards were designed and issued by the American Tobacco Company from 1909 to 1911 as part of its T206 series.  The 524 card set is now the most widely collected in the hobby.

The fronts of all T206 cards displayed a lithograph of a player created by a multi-stage printing process in which a number of colors were printed on top of each other to create a lithograph with the appropriate design. The backs of the cards featured the monochromatic colors of the 16 tobacco brands for which the cards were printed.  Card backs with the most popular brands Piedmont and Sweet Caporal are quite common.  Card backs with the other 14 less popular brands can be difficult to find even in low grades.

Besides featuring many Hall of Famers, the set has many variations, print anomalies, and rarities.  Most notable are Honus Wagner and Eddie Plank, both short printed for reasons still unknown but debated. The many different front/back combinations add to the impossibilty of completing a master set which would number over 6,000 cards and cost millions of dollars in any grade.

While I have no intention of starting to complete even a partial set, I do like to add T206s to my collection that have some of the rarer backs.
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RGold Collection-1910 T218 Champions
7. RGold Collection-1910 T218 Champions 
These cards were issued by different tobacco companies as shown on the back of each card.  The brands most commonly found are Mecca and Hassan. Tolstoi backs are very rare in any condition.

The set illustrates how sport in America has changed over the years. Besides the beauty of the cards, the most striking thing is that only a handful of the stars are remembered today.

The set features 62 boxers including heavyweight boxing champions Jack Johnson and James Jeffries.  The set also includes featherweight boxing champion Abe Attell who later gained notoriety as a key figure in baseball's Black Sox scandal. However, for the most part, the set is dominated by long forgotten Olympians.

The set is large, and becoming expensive to collect.  The 153 different cards were issued in three series, with Mecca backs used on all three series, Hassan backs on only series 1 and 2, and Tolstoi backs on only series 2.  In addition, there are two different factory designations showing where the cards were printed.  I will try to collect SGC cards as I can find them, but a complete master set with all back variations would seem to be out of reach. I will only look to complete a basic set, ignoring all back variations.
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RGold Collection-1936 R312 Premiums
8. RGold Collection-1936 R312 Premiums 
The 1936 R312 premium baseball set, issued by National Chicle, is comprised of twenty-five individual player portraits, fourteen multiplayer portraits, and eleven in-action photos. The beautiful, rich pastel colors of R312 premiums make them one of the most striking and distinctive of all 1930s issues.

The R312 premiums have received very little attention from collectors, in part due to the fact that they are larger than standard cards, measuring 4" x 5 3/8". Also, they are blank-backed with no identification of the issuer.  

A note of interest is that Joe DiMaggio’s name is misspelled “DiMagio” on his card.

I have completed this set, but I will try to collect any upgrades that I can find as they can be quite hard to acquire in decent condition.
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RGold Collection-Gashouse Gang
9. RGold Collection-Gashouse Gang 
The St. Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang won the World Series in 1934 led by four future Hall of Famers Dizzy Dean, Joe Medwick, Frank Frisch and Leo Durocher.  Although he is not in the Hall of Fame, Pepper Martin was the heart and soul of the Gashouse Gang, a ball club that represented the rough-and-tumble Depression era.

I like to collect wire photos of these players from the Gashouse Gang.  Wire photos are 2nd generation photographs, developed from duplicate negatives or wire transmissions within approximately two years of when the pictures were taken.  Wire photos were used by the press, and many have been becoming available as newspaper files are being closed.
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RGold Collection-1933 Goudey Indian Gum
10. RGold Collection-1933 Goudey Indian Gum 
Issued from 1933 through 1940, the Goudey Indian Gum set is among the most popular of all non-sports sets. The set contains 216 numbered, multi-colored artwork cards highlighting American Indians and famous U.S. military officers.  The set also includes famous action scenes and historical figures of the time.

Highlights include Geronimo, Pocahontas, Sitting Bull, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, General Custer, Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Sam Houston, Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill.

In addition to the scarce blue border and white background variations, the cards were issued in different series as noted on the back of each card, making collecting a master set of all variations quite difficult.

Completing a basic set of all 216 subjects or a master set of 432 with variations is probably out of my reach, but I will add cards as they become available.
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RGold Collection-1888 N76 Duke Americans
11. RGold Collection-1888 N76 Duke Americans 
The popular 50 card Great Americans set was issued in 1888 by W. Duke, Sons & Co.

The artwork is fantastic, and the choice of subjects depicts an America just 23 years removed from the Civil War.  There is even one variation, H.W. Beecher posing both left and right.

These cards are over 125 years old, and can be very hard to find in nice condition.  Aside from corner wear and off centering, surface damage and paper loss are common faults found in these cards.  I will try to upgrade the set if cards become available.
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RGold Collection-Shelby Gum
12. RGold Collection-Shelby Gum 
During the 1930's, Shelby Gum Company issued several sets of trading cards. Hollywood Picture Stars was the most popular set, and was reprinted several times.

Very few movie star trading card sets have been issued in the United States. This is surprising since baseball and other subjects have been generously covered by trading card sets. The movie sets that do exist tend to be very scarce.

Shelby Gum Company is known as the originator of bubble gum.  One of their laboratory employees, while trying to come up with a preservative to extend the shelf life of gum, accidentally came up with bubble gum.

The Hollywood Pictures Stars cards are very attractive when found in high grade, and include major stars such as Shirley Temple, Joan Blondell, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Helen Hayes, Wallace Beery, Tom Mix, Loretta Young and Laurel & Hardy.

This forty card set was first issued with purple ink on the back. It was later issued using red ink and having a mail order ad for an album. There are also variations of the captions on the fronts.  In addition, the set was issued in Canada by Hamiilton Gum with the same fronts but different numbers and text in both English and French on the backs.

The set is a work in progress.  I hope to add to this collection including variations as cards are found.
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RGold Collection-Rothman's Stars Discs
13. RGold Collection-Rothman's Stars Discs 
The Rothman's Cigarettes Beauties of the Cinema discs were issued in England in 1939.  This set features 24 of the biggest Hollywood stars of the era.

The great color portraits have a round glittering gold background.  The most popular cards include Claudette Colbert, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy and Barbara Stanwyck.  Actress Gloria Stuart later played the 101 year old Rose in the 1997 film Titanic.  Fay Wray was the blonde that was carried up the Empire State Building in the 1933 movie King Kong.

There are very few of these cards graded by either SGC or PSA.  I will try to upgrade this set to the best condition possible.
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RGold Collection-Chilena Okey Series G
14. RGold Collection-Chilena Okey Series G 
The Chilena Okey Series G set was printed in Chile from 1936-38.  These tobacco cards feature some great entertainers that are not normally seen in other sets from this era.

Included are Bing Crosby, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Frederick March, Bette Davis, Olivia De Haviland, Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Ralph Bellamy, Ann Sothern, Joe E. Brown and many others.

The cards are extremely beautiful with high resolution color pictures, heavy gloss coating and bright, well printed reverses.

I have completed this 45 card set, and will try to upgrade it if I can.
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RGold Collection-Godfrey Phillips Stars
15. RGold Collection-Godfrey Phillips Stars  
The Godfrey Phillips Cigarettes Screen Stars cards were issued in England in 1936.  This set features some of the biggest Hollywood stars of the era, and is made up of two series of 48 cards each.

Although the 1930's English sets are still quite easy to find, the soft pastel colors and embossed white oval borders make these cards almost impossible to find in nice condition.

There are very few of these cards graded by either SGC or PSA.  I will not complete this set, but will collect the major stars in the best condition possible.
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For Sale
16. For Sale 
All cards are listed on eBay where full descriptions and large pictures can be found.  I can sell these cards privately at a discount from the current eBay sales price because I will not have to pay eBay final value fees.  Your price is listed below in each card description.

Reserve cards by email only at rgold7000@aol.com

I will bill you by Paypal to your email address. When payment is received, the eBay listing will be terminated.  Please pay promptly.  The card will remain for sale on eBay until your payment is received.  

I pay shipping via USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  I ship in one business day, and will email you the tracking number.

I will accept returns and will refund your Paypal account upon return of the card in its original and undamaged condition.  You have 5 business days to notify me that you are returning the card and to ship it to me via first class, priority mail or other expedited service.

Prices Firm.  No offers accepted.  These are my bottom dollar prices.  Prices Firm.
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1933 Goudey Want List
17. 1933 Goudey Want List 
Upgrades needed to replace these cards.
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