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Inspirational Photos to Share
Photos here will change or add on from time to time, as I collect photos of place, objects, or people who inspire me to create! I hope these photos also bring inspiration to you!
Date(s): August 28, 2006. Album by Mona Hair. Photos by Mona Hair. 1 - 15 of 15 Total. 681 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Texas Bluebonnets road trip 2018

Enlarge photo 2
evening primrose wild flowers from road trip 2018

Enlarge photo 3
Indian Paintbrush flowers from roadtrip with Sheila -2018

Enlarge photo 4
More wild flowers 2018 roadtrip with Sheila

Enlarge photo 5
Field of wild primrose from Texas road trip 2018

Enlarge photo 6
Blue Bonnets in a field! Bellville Texas 2018

Enlarge photo 7
Primrose in the morning - road trip with Sheila, 2018

Enlarge photo 8
Field of Blue Bonnets -road trip with Sheila 2018

Enlarge photo 9
rolling hills of blue bonnets 2018

Enlarge photo 10
Parasol Down at Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Enlarge photo 11
Another View of the ceiling in Parasol Down at Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
Composition of this decorative treatment was elegant in style, rich in color, exciting in dimension, and enchanting in texture. A phenomenal concept all around. I was completely inspired by viewing this display of creativity!

Enlarge photo 12
A Fountain at the Wynn Resort and Casino.  Visiting the Wynn Resort was a very memorable experience. Every direction, every turn, revealed something artistic happening that intrigues and engages.

Enlarge photo 13
A Dale Chihuly art glass installation at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas. Impossible to capture with a mere photograph, but as an inspirational meditational view it is remarkable.

Enlarge photo 14
A collection of angles and textures photographed at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas. I find the arches, angles, and undulating features in this composition very inspiring.

Enlarge photo 15
What can possibly stimulate a mother more than fond memories of her children. This is William on a small waterfall at a resort in Texas when he was about six years old. He caught his very first fish from this pond. His bronze body dappled in shade trees over a cascade of foaming water with a backdrop of mirrored water and pale green, inspires me and fills me with love for my sweet child. He is a big boy now and emailed this week to tell me about a new job and a new apartment. I wonder if I will ever see him this playful again.

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