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MicroRatz Toy Rat Terriers

WELCOME from Phoenix, Arizona

Home of THE BEST Purebred & Registered Toy Rat Terriers in the USA!
We specialize in the TRUE Toy sized Rat Terriers.
Our puppies will average 4 to 7 pounds grown.
We breed all colors of the Rat Rainbow in both traditional and merle coat patterns.

We are NOT mass producers and only have litters a few times a year.
ALWAYS breeding for the love of the breed, never as a business.
Breeding dogs is our hobby and our passion, not an income.

Premium quality that you will only find here...look no further!
The color, size, structure, temperament, and health that you want...our dogs have it all.

Plus customer service that is second to none...we are professionals at what we do with 36 years of experience. In addition to breeding we have shown and titled dogs in both conformation and obedience.

Responsibly & ethically bred, properly socialized puppies,
raised inside a CLEAN home, in a family environment,
will grow up to be the best dog for YOUR family!

All of our dogs are DNA TESTED for inherited eye diseases
PLL (Primary Lens Luxation)
PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy - Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration)
No puppy born here will ever be affected by these blinding diseases!

These delightful little dogs are intelligent, playful, & loving.
They are alert watchdogs and loyal to home and family.
They retain the instinct to hunt small rodents.
They are easy to train, their short sleek coats require little grooming,
and they are a healthy, hardy breed with one of the longest life spans of ANY dog breed.

Please enjoy our well organized & up to date website!

If you would like more information about our dogs:

Click here to e-mail us at: info@microratz.com

We are also happy to speak with you on the phone, number will be given on request.

Site last updated 06/23/18


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FAQ (Updated 06/22/18)
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Genetic Eye Disease in Rat Terriers
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