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Meander Farm
   Meander Farm has relocated to southwest Virginia. We are now mountain folk. The dogs have a small farm for real and love it.
   We have a little brook, actually a named creek, meandering through it. The farm name ended up being appropriate after all. Well, meandering through life led me home, as I hoped it would. Although many folks may know of my Rat Terriers, I also have a lovely pair of English Cream Dachshunds.  And two of my housecats are drop dead gorgeous Bengals.  I plan to have a working farm.  So far I have found a lovely Percheron mare, a Welsh pony, three Jersey cows, and Tunis sheep.  I've recently added Am. Bresse, Lavender Maran and Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens.  There is an occasional heritage turkey or two hanging around also.  If you see a theme here, well, there is one.  Aside from my addiction to animals, I hope to continue to provide for and promote heritage breeds for the small farm..or large farm even.  Here is our new contact info:
Meander1@centurylink.net  276 682-4044
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1. Available Puppies and Adult Dogs  (April 20, 2014)
This folder contains albums of available dogs and pups from Meander Farm.

We currently have a few older, spayed female Rat Terriers available.  Email for more information.
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Meander Farm Dogs
2. Meander Farm Dogs  (January 2013)
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