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Standard Rat Terrier Males

We are extremely critical of each male used as a stud dog here at Seegmiller kennel. Each male is selected for an outstanding hunt desire with a natural instinct....they must be able to outproduce themselves in litters sired while keeping all the old time heirloom characteristics. I am committed to producing the best litters possible. Our males must measure up because they are capable of producing many more litters in a lifetime than any female.

All stud dogs are DNA+Avid Microchipped

~A few quality puppies will be offered to approved homes as wonderful pets and even fewer will be offered to breeding homes. We are in the business of assuring this Giant Rat Terrier live on for many years ~we are not in the business of purely selling puppies for profit! Our dedication and our passion are for raising the top quality offspring this old fashioned Rat Terrier truly deserves!


~You are the leader in your pack a dog must have an alpha, if you do not step forward then he must, for they crave order and peace, with stability.

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Seegmillers 10-4
1. Seegmillers 10-4  (Breaker)
I want to always keep the larger type of Rat Terriers here for bone, muscle and the temperament I prefer.  Breaker epitomizes the original old Rat Terrier farm dogs.  He is a muscled boy with thick bone and a real substance to him.  

Breaker is black/tan/white tuxedo,18 inches tall 35 pounds at 2 years old and fully developed.  He doesn't care much for small prey but as far as the bigger possum, coon,groundhog and occasional coyote the boy lives for it!

PLL Clear by parentage
PRA PRCD clear by parentage
DM Clear as tested.
Breeder K Seegmiller
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Seegmillers F@RT GUN
2. Seegmillers F@RT GUN  (GRU)
What a blessing this boy is, not only for our future but for the future of Rat Terriers! Our Gru is balanced and graceful with fluid movement! I love his temperament he is sweet and goofy just a lover!

I expect 15 inches on Gru and 24 pounds, he has sleek soft mink like fur! He is super smart and VERY athletic and the potential for a REAL squirrel dog! Look for him in AKC venues very soon.

Hearing test NORMAL bilaterally
Heart/Patella will be checked at age appropriate level.
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
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CH Seegmillers Luxury Tax
3. CH Seegmillers Luxury Tax  (Bush)
Anthem has yet again blessed us with a phenomenal boy, a strong maternal line resides inside this male. He carries the strongest genetics we have ever had and cookie cutter offspring are likely. While retaining type, consistency he also has super great conformation, health and awesome temperament.

Bush should be 15 to 15.5 inches tall 25 to 28 pounds, erect ear set super tight slick soft hair coat with unbeatable balance.

Heart/Patella normal per practitioner
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
DATAMARS Micro chip
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Seegmillers Flightplan
4. Seegmillers Flightplan  (Jet)
We bred our Keyton to Krissy in hopes of a nice tri colored boy with superb conformation. Jet is the result of this breeding he is such a great boy.  I love his head and his form he moves so nice.

Jet is 15 inches 24 pounds he is compact and has a cut muscle definition.  Nice erect ear set, short slick coat and great prey drive to boot.

Heart/Patella normal
Breeder K Seegmiller
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CH Seegmillers Midnight Special
5. CH Seegmillers Midnight Special  (January 19, 2014)
I dont know what to say, he is awesome! In each way in movement and carriage, form and function! I have been blessed with a better version of Seegmilers Mexican Grande!

Tail docked
Dew Claws removed
HEART/PATELLA good per practitioner
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
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CH Seegmillers Fortunes Son
6. CH Seegmillers Fortunes Son  (Nate)
Nate is a loud colored piebald tri, he has moderate size and I expect 28 pounds solid muscle with 16.5" at the shoulders. Erect ear super short tight coat, and of course superb conformation.  

We love our heavy piebalds and Nate is one that can go into the field be easily visible for hunting.  He is also a love and wants nothing more than to be right beside you on the couch or in the bed...where you are is where he is.

Tight Patella and Normal Heart
Breeder Kim Seegmiller
AKC and UKC registered
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CH Seegmillers DOS Nuts N Bolts
7. CH Seegmillers DOS Nuts N Bolts  (May 7, 2015)
Our Minion!!! Again I have utilized an outside stud dog "Bolton".  I love the sire's size and bone he is truly an outstanding individual and we are proud of the results he and Jenny have given us!!!

Minion is PLL Clear, heart and patella are normal for age appropriate checks.  We expect him to be 28 pounds 15 inches at the withers. Erect ear with superfine short tight cosmetic coat.  

Breeders Darin & Tracey Gillies, Kimberly Seegmiller
PLL Clear by parentage
Tail docked, Dew Claws removed
DATAMARS Microchip and Tattoo identifiable.
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Seegmillers When Hell Froze Over
8. Seegmillers When Hell Froze Over  (Lucifer)
Lucifer is a once in a lifetime boy, we waited so very patiently for him to come.  Generation after generation I have waited to have it all come together.  The results are phenomenal! I expect erect ear, 16 inches tall 28 pounds.  I love his super soft mink like coat that is very tight and cosmetic!  

We are very proud of this boy and he is going to be a cornerstone male for our kennel for many years to come!

Patella/heart normal per practitioner
Hips/Elbows when age appropriate
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
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Seegmillers Heavens Gates
9. Seegmillers Heavens Gates  (September 5, 2015)
Gates is our own boy raised and bred right here.  I love him so he is a Hattie grandson.  In her tradition he brings a mellow attitude, superior hunting drive and absolute loyalty.

This boy is 16 inches at the shoulder beautiful muscle and great bone on him. He has a super erect ear set and that tight cosmetic coat I prefer.

Heart and patella normal per practitioner
AKC Registered
Tail docked, dew claws removed
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Seegmillers Its All Roses
10. Seegmillers Its All Roses  (November 23, 2014)

A certified hunting machine, one that has been used for coyote calling in Arkansas the last 2 years.  He is obedient and intelligent with superb conformation.  Thumper will hunt all day and still lay on the couch at night.  I love this dog he is the combination of two powerhouse dogs from our own breedings.  As they say the proof is in the pudding and so it is.

Tail Docked
Patella and heart normal per practitioner, PLL CLEAR
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
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GCHSeegmillers Challenge Accepted MBIMBS
11. GCHSeegmillers Challenge Accepted MBIMBS  (May 19, 2013)
Jagger is a beautifully handsome boy! Balanced and just an all around Rat Terrier.  We love his erect ear set, super short coat and stunning DEEP Red Sable/White markings.  He is out of some of the VERY best dogs that I have ever produced in my time as a breeder.

March 2013
Peoria IL
May 2013
Peoria IL
BIMBS Jennifer Landers
BIMBS Barbara Landers
BIMBS Barbara Lauer
ARTA Specialty CH Class Win M King
6/14/13 Ch Class Win D Kittredge
6/15/13 Ch Class Reserve C Rodriquez
6/16/13 Ch Class Win B Snedigar
Wins Ch Class X 6 Takes BOB Sun x2 shows
Nov. 8th 2013 URO1 GRCH Seegmillers Challenge Accepted Rally Title Obtained!

Tail Docked
***PLL CBP, Scissors Bite, OFA Patella normal Heart normal, hips good and elbows good 1/22/15

Co Owned with Amy Chesnut
Kimberly Seegmiller Owner and All Breeding rights retained.
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Seegmillers U Bet UR Bullets
12. Seegmillers U Bet UR Bullets 
A stand alone male, he is magnificent! Conformation, Temperament......just as elegant and handsome as he can BE!  I am truly delighted with this boy!

Should be 17" tall at full maturity and 30 pounds, Bullet has an erect ear set and that super fine short slick hair coat of blackest black!!!!!  I love that head, that ear that LOOK!

BREEDER Kim Seegmiller
Tail Docked
Dew Claws Removed
AKC and UKC registered and Permanently ID
Heart and Patella CLEAR by Practitioner
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Seegmillers Audie
13. Seegmillers Audie 
Audie is a son of Keyton and down out of very old Clark lines on the damn side. Size and substance with the bonus of super slick coat and excellent conformation on this boy.

He is the start of the next 10 years program and he is a black/tan/white tuxedo.  PLL clear, heart and patella are normal elbows and hips checked good.

Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
DATAMARS Microchip DNA and Tattoo
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Seegmillers El Jefe

**5th Generational Seegmiller Born and Bred**

Ok, what can I say here this boy is AWESOME!!! Built like a bull he is totally THE BOSS!! Erect ear set, beautiful black/white/tan coat as smooth as glass and what a fiesty boy with attitude to spare. I will so enjoy watching this one grow up....especially since I have the only producing daughter now of Rene.


Tail Docked Will be DNA and Avid Micro Chipped

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