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IOOF Michigan Photo Albums
Welcome to the Grand Lodge of Michigan IOOF Photo Album site! Please enjoy these pictures. Please send any pictures you have to this email address
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Officers Installed
1. Officers Installed 
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2. Installation 2015  (1/8/2015)
Officers installation
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last sessions pics
3. last sessions pics  (oct 21)
Last sessions pics
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More Grand Lodge sessions
4. More Grand Lodge sessions  (Oct)
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5. Lloyd   (October 20)
Lloyd attending his 50th consecutive Grand Lodge session. Thanks to Irv for the pic.
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Monday at sessions
6. Monday at sessions  (Oct 19 2014)
More people pics.
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Sunday morning in Frankenmuth
7. Sunday morning in Frankenmuth  (Oct 19 2014)
The camera boy is out early. Good Morning!
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Juniors visit Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary
8. Juniors visit Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary  (9-13-14)
Shamrock #4 Junior Odd Fellows make their way to visit and donate to the Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary in Brown City.  It is Michigan's largest, private, non-profit, exotic animal sanctuary.  Prior to coming here, many of the aminals were either abused, neglected, or kept in unsafe conditions.  We learned alot and were able to help them out by contributing to the animals' care.  Afterwards, we had a cook-out at our Chief Ruler's family campground on Lake Huron, north of Port Sanilac.  An educational and a fun time!
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SGL Hotel and outside
9. SGL Hotel and outside  (August 2014)
Exploring in and out of The Empress.
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SGL Youth Talent show
10. SGL Youth Talent show  (August 2014)
The youth blew us away! My camera didn't work well in the dim light. But it was very entertaining.
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SGL Wreath laying ceremony
11. SGL Wreath laying ceremony  (August 2014)
Very nice ceremony by our GMC and IALAPM.
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SGL - Victoria Odd Fellow Hall
12. SGL - Victoria Odd Fellow Hall  (August 2014)
The Odd Fellow building in Victoria BC is so impressive! Photos do not do it justice.
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