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Juniors visit Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary
1. Juniors visit Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary  (9-13-14)
Shamrock #4 Junior Odd Fellows make their way to visit and donate to the Summer Wind Farm Sanctuary in Brown City.  It is Michigan's largest, private, non-profit, exotic animal sanctuary.  Prior to coming here, many of the aminals were either abused, neglected, or kept in unsafe conditions.  We learned alot and were able to help them out by contributing to the animals' care.  Afterwards, we had a cook-out at our Chief Ruler's family campground on Lake Huron, north of Port Sanilac.  An educational and a fun time!
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SGL Hotel and outside
2. SGL Hotel and outside  (August 2014)
Exploring in and out of The Empress.
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SGL Youth Talent show
3. SGL Youth Talent show  (August 2014)
The youth blew us away! My camera didn't work well in the dim light. But it was very entertaining.
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SGL Wreath laying ceremony
4. SGL Wreath laying ceremony  (August 2014)
Very nice ceremony by our GMC and IALAPM.
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SGL - Victoria Odd Fellow Hall
5. SGL - Victoria Odd Fellow Hall  (August 2014)
The Odd Fellow building in Victoria BC is so impressive! Photos do not do it justice.
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SGL Chinatown Military and other things
6. SGL Chinatown Military and other things  (August 2014)
More photos from SGL in Victoria BC
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2014 Odd Fellow and Rebekah Camp Out
7. 2014 Odd Fellow and Rebekah Camp Out  (August 2014)
A great camp out planned and executed by Irv and Betty (again!!!). It was wonderful. If you didn't come you missed out! Our camp is awesome and I enjoy every time it get to go there.
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Eastwood celebrates 90th Anniversary.
8. Eastwood celebrates 90th Anniversary.  (7-19-14)
Members and family of Eastwood Lodge gather for their 90th Anniversary celebration.  A picnic was had in the parking lot and Lodge Hall with a nice barbeque.  A large gas barbeque was raffled off.  Lots of good food and special times.  A Bounce House was rented for the children's enjoyment, as well as a face painter made creative animal masks and those of superheros for our youth.
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UNP Delegates return to Davison Lodge.
9. UNP Delegates return to Davison Lodge.  (7-15-14)
Students from the United Nations Educational Pilgrimage program from about the Jurisdiction of Michigan return to Davison Lodge from Toronto.  They have completed a two week educational journey with a wonderful tour.  At the end here, they have bonded, having spent so much time together, realizing formative experiences like these make who we are and become.  Another great year for our centerpiece international program.
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Katie's Baby Party
10. Katie's Baby Party  (June 28, 2014)
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Shamrocks donate to ARC Detroit.
11. Shamrocks donate to ARC Detroit.  (6-20-14)
Shamrock #4 Junior Odd Fellows complete a community service project and donate to help fund the ARC Detroit Pizza Party and Dance.  100 gift bags collected and assembled for were given out to the members there, with dental and hygiene products, self esteem items, and treats.  The ARC members were so very thankful for what we may take for granted.  Not only a heart warming opportunity, but our youth understand how truly blessed they are.  Afterwards, they went to Greektown for some fun, food, and recreation.
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Shamrock #4 pack gift bags for ARC.
12. Shamrock #4 pack gift bags for ARC.  (6-10-14)
In production line fashion, Shamrock #4 Juniors packed 100 gift bags for members of the ARC Detroit (Developmentally Disabled).  Dental care items, personal care products, and some treats were included.  Next Friday evening, the gifts will be distributed at a Pizza Party and Dance the Shamrocks are helping to sponsor downtown at the ARC.
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