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Hairless Girls
Date(s): October 22, 2004. 1 - 9 of 9 Total. Shared
"Shela"(Flinthill's Sweet Little Shela)
1. "Shela"(Flinthill's Sweet Little Shela) 
This girl is a litter sister to "Stevie" (GRCH Flinthill's Even Steven)

She was born 6-25-06.

She is hairless, white, black, and tan.

She's a daughter of GRCH Flinthill's NittyGritty Dirt Dog, (Jake) and "Missy", (Flinthill's Missin' You Alreddy)

Her sire is hairless, black and tan, with white markings, and her dam is hairless, white, with black sabled red spots.
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2. "Sara"  (February 5-05)
Sarah is a half sister to Luna.
She is blue, spotted on white.
Flinthill's Star in Motion, (Hayley) is her mother, and D'Lanor (CH Wudnshu's Dedicated To You) is her daddy.
Thank you Vicky, for this beautiful little girl!
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Macey Mae
3. Macey Mae 
Flinthill's Marvelous MaceyMae

This hairless girl is a daughter of "Maggie" (GRCH Lar-Mon's Kissed The Flame) and "Jake" (GRCH Flinthill's NittyGritty DirtDog).

She was born 12-18-04.
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"Luna"(Flinthill's Stellar Luna)
4. "Luna"(Flinthill's Stellar Luna)  (10-17-04)
Luna is a member of the "celestial" litter, from Hayley & Rowdy.
She's the first reported "blue" hairless in the AHT breed, and is developing into a very nice girl to go with her unique coloring.
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CH Flinthill's Get'N Inna Nude Mood
5. CH Flinthill's Get'N Inna Nude Mood  (9-22-04)
"Moody" was born 7-31-04.
She's a hairless daughter of coated carrier "Hope", and coated carrier "Eddie".
She's just finished to her UKC Champion title, many thanks to Kim & Veryl White.
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6. "Elvira"  
HelenBack's Mistress of the Nite, is a black and tan hairless daughter of GRCH Flinthill's Along Came A Spider, (H), and a coated carrier mother, Flinthill's Millicent @ HelenBack.
Elvira is belongs to my mother, Helen Schrader.
She was born 10/31/03, (Halloween nite), and she came wearing black, (hence her name, Elvira, ; )
She has just had her first litter, born in October, almost a birthday gift to herself!
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7. "Missy" 
Flinthill's Missing You Alreddy

is a hairless daughter of hairless "Red Robin", and coated carrier "Maggie"
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"Ginny"(Flinthill's Gin Fizz)
8. "Ginny"(Flinthill's Gin Fizz)  (11-04)
Ginny is a black hairless daughter of "Rowdy" and "Gypsy".
She was born 11-11-03.
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9. Scarlett   (10-22-04)
'PR' Blairs Star Scarlett No Haira

This red hairless girl is a daughter of Bertie, (CH 'PR' Wudnshu's Hope Floats) owned by Sharon Blair.
She is sired by my Robin, (Flinthill's Red Robin)
Thank you Sharon, for this wonderful girl!
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