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Welcome to Evergreen Guardian Imports!! Evergreen Guardian Imports Inc is a Seattle-based importer that specializes in handicrafts and art from Nepal and the Himalayan region. We import directly with Nepal. We work directly with handicrafts people in Nepal. Headed by Elizabeth McDowell and Sanjay Rauniyar, EGI specializes in unique, ritual-steeped, and luxurious handcrafted items from the Himalayan region, such as Tibetan thangka paintings, Kashmiri embroidered jackets, paper mache Christmas ornaments, singing bowls, and bells. We also have many useful, fun, and colorful fashion accessories like patchwork shirts, a huge variety of shoulder bags, hats, and scarves. This website is meant to be a wholesale catalog of our current inventory of products. Please email, fax, or call in your orders. Email: EvergreenGuardian@hotmail.com Phone: 206-788-0672 Fax: 206-788-0671 Contact us additionally for special orders, product development, and the newest designs that may not yet be found in our catalog. Elizabeth McDowell & Sanjay Rauniyar, Managers Evergreen Guardian Imports 5224 Palatine Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98103

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1. ACCESS TO CATALOG  (October 23, 2008)
Please contact us directly by phone or email for a password for site.  206-788-0672 or EvergreenGuardian@hotmail.com.  Thank you. ONCE YOU HAVE THE PASSWORD, JUST CLICK ON ANY OF THE SITE CATEGORIES AND IT WILL ASK YOU FOR THE PASSWORD.  You do NOT need to log-in or anything.

The Managers
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Business Philosophy & Practice
2. Business Philosophy & Practice  (May 1, 2008)
Evergreen Guardian Imports merchandise is fairly traded and we follow fair trade principles.  We import directly from Nepal.  In Nepal, we work directly with various artisans and handicrafts people to supply our goods.
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Kathmandu Valley, Nepal:  the place
3. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal:  the place  (April 29, 2008)
These are photos of Kathmandu, Nepal and some other places in the Kathmandu Valley, for those of you who are interested in what Nepal looks like.  We have included the landscape, temples, cityscapes, animals, and architecture.
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Handicraft Workers in Nepal
4. Handicraft Workers in Nepal  (October 24, 2008)
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New 2017
5. New 2017 
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Shirts & Other Apparel!
6. Shirts & Other Apparel! 
Mainly cotton patchwork apparel from Nepal and tie-dye apparel from Thailand.
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BAGS-- Shoulder Bags & Handbags
7. BAGS-- Shoulder Bags & Handbags 
We offer a large selection of shoulder bags and handbags from Nepal, including many with embroidery and some plain.  We try to combine fashion and utility in our designs.
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Hats, Scarves, Pins, Yarn, Handwarmers
8. Hats, Scarves, Pins, Yarn, Handwarmers 
Our fashion accessories include hats, scarves, pins, yarn, and handwarmers.  We offer hats and scarves of several materials, such as knitted wool, boiled wool felt, and raw silk (recycled sari silk).  Our knitted wool hats are fleece-lined.  Our handmade Wool Felt hats are warm and water-resistant.  Our raw silk products are made from recycled sari silk that is spun into yarn and then knitted, crocheted, or woven.  

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Lama Bags (Monk/Hobo Bags)
9. Lama Bags (Monk/Hobo Bags) 
Lama Bags are big shoulder bags with wide straps.  We offer lama bags made of cotton, silk, corduroy, and velvet.  Most lama bags have staps long enough to go over the head.  If a description is "Short," then it is too small to go over the head.  We have a large selection of patchwork and embroidery designs on these popular bags.
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Coin Purses
10. Coin Purses 
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Raw Silk
11. Raw Silk 
Raw Silk from Nepal is made of recycled sari silk fibers.  The brightly colored threads are spun into yarn and then knitted, crocheted, or woven into a wide variety of products.  

We offer shoulder bags and handbags, scarves, hats, and yarn.
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Wool Felt Bags & Hats
12. Wool Felt Bags & Hats 
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13. Patches 
Embroidered Sew-On Patches, or Coasters for Drink Glasses.
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Home Decor
14. Home Decor  (May 18, 2012)
Household Decorative Accessories and Art
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Celtic Products
15. Celtic Products 
Celtic Products
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Prayer Flags
16. Prayer Flags 
These Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags are handmade in Nepal.  Each bundle contains a strand of 25 flags in the 5 sacred colors of Tibet.  We have 3 sizes of flags.
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Door Handles & Door Knockers
17. Door Handles & Door Knockers 
These cast-bronze door pulls and door knockers are made in Nepal.  They are both functional and artistic.

They can be mounted with screws from the top, except the Lizard which is back-mounted.
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Singing Bowls, Bells and Fine Metal Work
18. Singing Bowls, Bells and Fine Metal Work 
We offer fine metalwork from Nepal, including Tibetan Buddhist ritual objects, such as bells, singing bowls, and gongs.  Other items include incense burners, Hindu bells, and prayer wheels.  

For other metalwork, see the catalog sections on Door Handles and Gold Statues.
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Paper Mache  & Metal Ring Boxes & Other
19. Paper Mache  & Metal Ring Boxes & Other  
Our offering of paper mache ring boxes and animal boxes are handmade in Kashmir, northern India.  We also carry some paper mache Christmas ornaments and eggs.  The metal ring boxes are all from Nepal.
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Kashmiri Embroidered Jackets
20. Kashmiri Embroidered Jackets 
These colorful wool jackets are hand-embroidered with silk in Kashmir in northern India and are tailored for size in Nepal.  Ranging from exuberantly festive to elegantly stylish, these jackets are made from fine Kashmiri sheep's wool.  They are lined with a silky synthetic lining.  Our inventory selection of colors and sizes changes with each shipment.  

In addition to the Jacket style, we also offer Long Kashmiri Coats.
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Gold & Silver Statues
21. Gold & Silver Statues 
These statues are handmade in Nepal by master metalworkers.  Real silver and 24-carat gold are used for the plating.
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Thangka Paintings and Yoga Paintings
22. Thangka Paintings and Yoga Paintings 
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Rice Paper Books, Stationery, & Prints
23. Rice Paper Books, Stationery, & Prints 
Nepalese rice paper products are handmade with fiber of the Lokta plant.  

We offer a variety of journals, both with Nepalese rice paper and recycled paper.  We offer ricepaper stationery.  We also offer large sheets of rice paper, both plain and with deity and dragon prints.  (See our separate album listing for ricepaper lampshades.)
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Rice Paper Lampshades
24. Rice Paper Lampshades 
These handmade paper lampshades are made of traditional Nepalese rice paper which is made from the Lokta plant.  They can be used as lampshades with low-wattage bulbs (40 watts or less) for mood lighting, or as decorative mobiles tacked to a ceiling.  We offer 4-sided and 6-sided lampshades, with a large variety of print designs that can be ordered by code number.  Each print design has an assortment of colors available unless otherwise noted.
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2015 New Additions
25. 2015 New Additions 
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New 2014 Additions
26. New 2014 Additions 
Metal, Apparel, & Accessories
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2017 Pending, under Construction
27. 2017 Pending, under Construction 
Under Construction.  Private.
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2016 samples, under construction
28. 2016 samples, under construction 
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