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Welcome to my photography collection
I have posted my photo albums in chronological order. All images are copyrighted by me. Please enjoy looking at these photos. If you wish to use any of them for publication or to purchase archival-quality prints, please contact me by sending a comment in the box provided at the bottom of any album.

I recommend viewing the albums with the slideshow function. Note that you can set the speed of viewing, from 1-5 seconds per image. You can also find me on Instagram at @ebemisphoto
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Greater Chaco Coalition
1. Greater Chaco Coalition  (October 17-18, 2016)
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Hipico Week Three
2. Hipico Week Three  (August 10-14, 2016)
I only made it out for the $50,000 Santa Fe Grand Prix on the last day of the show but wow, it was a great class and great display of riding. Quite a few pairs got into the jump off, which then proved to be more difficult than expected. Jenni Mcallister on Legis Venice took the win.
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Hipico 2016 Week Two
3. Hipico 2016 Week Two  (August 3-7, 2016)
Having so much fun each week - so many beautiful horses and riders. Here are some shots from Week Two of the Summer Series.
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Hipico Santa Fe 2016
4. Hipico Santa Fe 2016  (July - September 2016)
The amazing, wonderful, fabulous festival of hunters and jumpers in our very own backyard, at Hipico Santa Fe. Its free to watch and runs from Wed-Sun. What is keeping you?
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Santa Fe County 4-H Horse Show
5. Santa Fe County 4-H Horse Show  (July 31, 2016)
I only caught the trail class but it was great to see the kids having such fun with their horses.
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Day of the Cowboy
6. Day of the Cowboy  (July 23, 2016)
Clint Mortenson and friends put on a Day of the Cowboy to share with the public a little of the romance of the west. Here are a few photos from the day.
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Gimme Shelter 2016
7. Gimme Shelter 2016  (April-July 2016)
I began following the 9 young horses from The Horse Shelter in advance of the trainers draw and am continuing through their exhibition to the public on July 9 at the Rodeo de Santa Fe arena. I will keep adding to this album as the 100-day countdown continues.

Thank you to all the trainers for their compassion and skill in developing these talented youngsters so they could become adopted and beloved by new owners.
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Rodeo de Santa Fe Barrel Racers
8. Rodeo de Santa Fe Barrel Racers  (June 8 2016)
Most Wednesday nights during the summer you can watch local barrel racers of all ages practicing at the rodeo grounds in Santa Fe.
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New Mexicans
9. New Mexicans  (ongoing)
Here are a few favorites of friends, family and neighbors in New Mexico
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Around Santa Fe
10. Around Santa Fe  (Ongoing)
I keep a camera with me wherever I go, so I can capture that special light that is New Mexico
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New Mexico Visitors Guide
11. New Mexico Visitors Guide  (2016)
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Best of Bosque del Apache
12. Best of Bosque del Apache  (ongoing)
The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is always a surprise and a treat. You never know what the weather will do or what birds and animals you'll see. Sometimes I go hoping to catch the full moon rising over the fields and ponds only to find it obscured by clouds. The clouds might make for a colorful sunset. It is best to stay open to whatever nature might spring on you.
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Bosque del Apache 2015
13. Bosque del Apache 2015  (11/5/15)
Just another glorious day at the Bosque del Apache NWR! Hard to go wrong there, ever. Also have a few shots from Valle de Oro NWR and Las Vegas NWR.Go, refuge system.
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La Jencia Ranch 2015
14. La Jencia Ranch 2015  (Oct.2-4, 2015)
A wonderful outing to La Jencia Conservation Ranch near Magdalena, NM
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Santa Fe Polo Club
15. Santa Fe Polo Club  (August 2015)
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Hipico Santa Fe- Week Three
16. Hipico Santa Fe- Week Three  (Aug. 7-9, 2015)
I had some fun photographing more than just the jump shots and in different fashions. I hope you enjoy these.
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Hipico Santa Fe - Grand Prix Week Two
17. Hipico Santa Fe - Grand Prix Week Two  (August 2, 2015)
Course designer Eric Hasbrouck really tightened the screws for the $25,000 Twisted Tree Grand Prix. Only 5 clear rounds made it to the jump-off but it was wonderful to see John Pearce of Canada win on his trusty 19-year-old partner Chianti. One more Grand Prix on August 9 - free to watch and a great riding lesson.
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Hipico Santa Fe - Grand Prix Week One
18. Hipico Santa Fe - Grand Prix Week One  (July 26, 2015)
We are so thrilled to have the Santa Fe Summer Series of horse shows, with Hipico Santa Fe in charge of the former horse park. It has had a big makeover and is now a horseman's dream facility. Check out www.hipicosantafe.com for all the details.
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Las Vegas Cowboy Reunion
19. Las Vegas Cowboy Reunion  (August 1, 2015)
On the 100th anniversary of the original cowboy reunion, an estimated 300 horses-and-riders, plus wagons and mules, celebrated by parading to the Plaza in Las Vegas, NM.
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Gimme Shelter 2015
20. Gimme Shelter 2015  (July 18, 2015)
This was the second year for The Horse Shelter's Trainers Rally for Rescues event, in which 9 trainers took home a horse selected by a draw and had 100 days to train them from scratch. The horses were aged from 3-6 years old and other than haltering and trailer-loading, had no prior experience. At the end of the competition, all were available for adoption. Two of the trainers successfully bid for their horses at the end.
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Horses of 2015
21. Horses of 2015  (2015)
A lot of these were taken with my iPhone for Instagram, hence the square format which I have come to love. If you are an instagrammer, my account is ebemisphoto.
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Wagon Mound Roundup
22. Wagon Mound Roundup  (June 3, 2015)
The real McCoy - no hollywoods doubles, no Starbucks coffee, no sound track - just old-fashioned skills and hard work to do what needs to be done on a working cattle ranch in early summer in northern New Mexico
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2015 Birdathon New Mexico
23. 2015 Birdathon New Mexico  (May 1-2, 2015)
We spent 24 hours searching for birds on behalf of Audubon New Mexico, with a few hours for sleeping and eating (it is difficult to bird in the dark, except to call for owls). We may have set a record for the number of species: 156! Hurray for birds and bird places and don't forget to support your favorite conservation groups.
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St Lucia 2015
24. St Lucia 2015  (April 11-18, 2015)
I tagged along on a trip to St Lucia, thinking no way am I going to like a Carribbean island. Guess what? It is a wonderful place, with friendly people, bright colors, beautiful birds and habitats, and for those that like such, nice beaches and snorkeling! Okay, so I'm a fool in paradise.
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Road Trip to Big Bend National Park
25. Road Trip to Big Bend National Park  (Feb. 8 - 18, 2015)
A road trip to explore new parts of the country is always a good change from daily life.
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Northern Jaguar Reserve
26. Northern Jaguar Reserve  (November 2-8, 2014)
This was a super special trip to the Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico. The 50,000+ acre reserve is a sanctuary for jaguar, puma, ocelot, bobcats, deer, coyotes, javelina and all the other species of the Foothills Thornscrub biome.

For more information of the reserve, please visit their website www.northernjaguarproject.org
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Inspired by New Mexico
27. Inspired by New Mexico  (Ongoing)
There is so much beauty to be enjoyed throughout the state - jump in your car and hit the road!
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28. Horses  (ongoing)
These are horses and ponies of every color and kind,at pasture, play and work. If you need a stock image of some kind, let me know as I may have what you need.
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Butterflies and Insects of NM
29. Butterflies and Insects of NM  (Ongoing)
We have seen these butterflies (and their friends) in northern New Mexico. Just find water, flowers, and sunshine, and you'll find butterflies.
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Rancho de las Golondrinas
30. Rancho de las Golondrinas  (ongoing)
Golondrinas is a living museum that is a tribute to Santa Fe's Spanish Colonial heritage. It features several festivals throughtout the year and is a working farm.
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New Mexico Horse Farms
31. New Mexico Horse Farms  (Ongoing)
New Mexico is a wonderful place to raise horses, with mild weather, few bugs, and great places to ride.
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New Mexico Skies
32. New Mexico Skies  (Ongoing)
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My Barnyard
33. My Barnyard  (ongoing)
Photos taken around my barnyard in Santa Fe, of ordinary, everyday doings
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Gimme Shelter
34. Gimme Shelter  (July 26, 2014)
The 100-day training challenge put on by The Horse Shelter in Santa Fe was a rousing success, with 7 horses presented to an enthusiastic crowd at the Mortenson Arena. All were adopted by the end of the competition. Jackie O trained by Clint Mortenson was deemed the overall winner but every horse showed amazing progress from unbroke to promising saddle horse in just 100 days.
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Rolex Kentucky 2014
35. Rolex Kentucky 2014  (April 24-27, 2014)
This year's edition of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event has to be one of the best ever. There were many good completions, both by experienced and rookie riders, with happy and healthy horses, and those that didn't finish learned valuable lessons to take home and practice for next year.
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36. Colombia  (Feb. 2014)
We loved Colombia! We had an excellent trip via car in a big loop out from Medellin, plus one flight down to the Pacific coast and back. The people were lovely, very happy to help visitors with directions and advice, and the parks and wild places gave us lots of good experiences. We saw twice as many birds as we could identify, so we will just have to return and practice with our field guides. Highly recommended is "Birdwatching in Colombia" by Pablo Florez.
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2013 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
37. 2013 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta  (October 2013)
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Watermelon Mountain Horse Trials 2013
38. Watermelon Mountain Horse Trials 2013   (May 5, 2013)
Nice weather prevailed on cross country day and all competitors got around safely - hurray. If you want to buy a print, please email me at evalyn@newmexico.com.
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Yellowstone National Park
39. Yellowstone National Park  (October 2012)
I drove to the park from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and ended up in Bozeman, Montana 5 days later. It was a great time of the year to visit.
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Malawi and Zimbabwe
40. Malawi and Zimbabwe   (July 2012)
Two great countries, with spectacular wildlife, scenery, and very warm, friendly people. Don't be afraid to visit, as your tourist dollars go a long way to protecting wildlife for the future, as well as providing critical employment.
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Winter 2011 - 2012
41. Winter 2011 - 2012 
Some images that I hope convey the magic of New Mexico in winter
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ACHTHA Ride Santa Fe
42. ACHTHA Ride Santa Fe  (December 2010)
Riders enjoyed a wonderful 7-mile trail on the Caja del Rio on a balmy winter's day. Obstacles ranged from a simple canter circle to stringing Christmas garland around a tree and sidepassing over a log to receive a candy cane from Santa. Organizer Shelley Bachicha made sure everyone had fun.
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World Equestrian Games 2010
43. World Equestrian Games 2010  (Sept. 25 - Oct.10, 2010)

The Alltech 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games were held in Lexington, KY. Horses and riders gathered from around the world to compete in the sports of Reining, Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Para-Dressage, Jumping, Vaulting and Driving. In this album I wanted to tell the story of the Games through faces, not just action shots.

Read my description of the sixteen days of the Games on my blog: http://mousehouseimages.blogspot.com/2010/11/horses-to-power-of-ten.html


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44. Namibia   (May 2010)

Namibia is a land of contrasts, from dunes rolling into the ocean to wide open plains and salt pans, wooded mountains changing into cattle farms, and dry bushlands converging with the mighty Okavango river. It is an easy country to explore by car, which is what we did for three weeks in May.

Read my story at http://mousehouseimages.blogspot.com/2010/06/horse-of-another-stripe.html

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Silver City, NM and beyond
45. Silver City, NM and beyond  (March 2010)

My mom and I hit the road for five days at the end of March and I have posted some of my favorite images. Click to read all about it: http://mousehouseimages.blogspot.com/2010/04/road-trip-in-southern-new-mexico.html

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New Mexico Road Trip
46. New Mexico Road Trip  (February, 2010)
Lots of good things to see in New Mexico, even in winter
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Wintry New Mexico
47. Wintry New Mexico  (January 2010)
Might as well enjoy the snow, right?
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December in New Mexico
48. December in New Mexico  (December 2009)
Photos were all taken in New Mexico, particularly around Santa Fe.
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Fall 2009 Photo tour
49. Fall 2009 Photo tour 
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2009 AHHA Approvals
50. 2009 AHHA Approvals  (October 2009)
The American Holsteiner Horse Association held an inspection at Rancho Corazon and Rancho La Querencia in Lemitar, NM. Breeding stock and stallions were approved, and the warm hospitality of the McElvain family made for a fun day for guests and owners.
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Caja del Rio NATRC
51. Caja del Rio NATRC  (September 2009)
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NVRHA Clinic
52. NVRHA Clinic  (August 16, 2009)
The National Versatility Ranch Horse Association held a clinic and competition at the Singleton Ranch. Riders had to present their horse in halter, trail, cutting, reining and working cow horse divisions.
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2009 Grand Prix de Santa Fe
53. 2009 Grand Prix de Santa Fe  (June 25 - 28, 2009)
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Rolex Kentucky Four-Star 2009
54. Rolex Kentucky Four-Star 2009  (April 22 - 26 2009)
All bets were off at the start of competition. There was a large entry of international stars, looking to do well in advance of the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games. The riding and the results were fabulous for the sport of eventing. Lucinda Fredericks took the win for Australia on Headley Britannia. Bettina Hoy of Germany was second on her own Ringwood Cockatoo. Third place went to Buck Davidson of the US on the Segals' My Boy Bobby.
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World Cup Finals 2009
55. World Cup Finals 2009  (April 16 - 19 2009)
The best in the world came to Las Vegas to ride for the Rolex Trophy as World Champion in their sport. Steffen Peters of the US won the Dressage title on Ravel; Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum took the Show-Jumping title home to Germany for her amazing rides on Shutterfly. It was an event not to be missed but if you did, enjoy these moments.
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56. NAJYRC 2008  (July 30 - August 3, 2008)
It was hot competition in more ways than one at the North American Junior and Young Riders Championships. The skills of the best young riders from North America were tested in four disciplines - Eventing, Dressage, Jumping, and Reining - all in 90+ degree heat.
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Fall Colors 2008
57. Fall Colors 2008  (Autumn 2008)
The fall in New Mexico is my favorite time of the year - here are some of the reasons.
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Rolex Kentucky 4-Star 2008
58. Rolex Kentucky 4-Star 2008  (April 23-27, 2008)
Forty-three of the most talented horse-and-rider pairs in the sport of Eventing presented themselves for inspection at the start of competition on April 23. Follow them through to the finish of show-jumping on April 27.
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Mares and babies
59. Mares and babies  (April 2008)
Who can resist mares and foals?
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60. Botswana  (September 2007)
We visited two camps in the Okavango Delta - Zibalianja and Kwara. Oh, for more time!
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61. Zambia   (September 2007)
A visit to Zambia and Botswana exceeded my every expectation. The people, the landscapes and the animals were fascinating, and the time spent getting there was richly rewarded.

The daily struggle for survival that we witnessed is a reminder to appreciate every moment we have on Earth and to do all we can to tread lightly here.
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Grand Prix de Santa Fe 2007
62. Grand Prix de Santa Fe 2007  (May 26 - 28, 2007)
The 4th running of the Las Campanas Grand Prix de Santa Fe was once again blessed with great weather (excluding one hailstorm!) and great competition. There were new classes, new faces, and lots of exciting action. See for yourself.
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Badminton Horse Trials 2007
63. Badminton Horse Trials 2007  (May 3 - May 6, 2007)
Badminton - the pinnacle of Eventing and the original 4 Star, held at the estate of the Duke of Beaufort in Badminton, England. To say you have competed at Badminton is to say you are part of Eventing's elite class of riders.
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Best of WEG Dressage
64. Best of WEG Dressage  (August 24 -28, 2006)
All the top rides from the Grand Prix Dressage at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen are here -- Anky van Grunsven, Isabell Werth, Andreas Helgstrand, Steffen Peters, Heike Kemmer -- and some of whom you have never heard but will enjoy just as much, I hope.
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Best of WEG - general shots
65. Best of WEG - general shots  (August 24 -28, 2006)
Photos showing the people, horses, and sights of the 2006 World Equestrian Games
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Best of WEG Eventing
66. Best of WEG Eventing  (August 24 -28, 2006)
I have posted quite a few photos to try to capture all the action and color of the FEI 2006 World Equestrian Games Aachen. Please also browse my other albums from the WEG for Dressage, and General for glimpses of some of the other disciplines.
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Grand Prix de Santa Fe 2006
67. Grand Prix de Santa Fe 2006  (May 26-28, 2006)
The Third Annual Grand Prix de Santa Fe was another smashing success, with awesome horses, talented riders, an appreciative audience and the best possible back-drop of blue skies, white clouds, green grass and mountains.
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Rolex Kentucky 2006
68. Rolex Kentucky 2006  (April 26 - 30, 2006)
Rolex Kentucky represents the pinnacle of the sport of Eventing in the United States, where international riders and first-timers to the Four-Star level compete for the prestigious Rolex Trophy
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Wellington - Freestyle Finals 2006
69. Wellington - Freestyle Finals 2006  (March 15 -19, 2006)
Scenes around Wellington and the WEF Showgrounds
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Burghley International Horse Trials
70. Burghley International Horse Trials  (September 1-4, 2005)
Four days of nail-biting competition by some of the best horse-and-rider partnerships in the world
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Horses - Blair Castle
71. Horses - Blair Castle  (September 15, 2005)
Photos of cross-country at Blair Castle, Scotland, August 23, 2005; One-Star Division and Three-Star Division
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