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Kenneth Lane Jewelry, KJL, K.J.L.

Please note that it is not feasible to offer appraisals or information on your pieces.

The Kenneth Lane jewelry featured in this gallery comes from a closed up jewelry store and has never been worn. We have more yet to add so please check back often.

e-mail here to place an order.
You will also find some of these on our site at Eclectic Vintage

For the most part and as best determined by what we currently know today, listed below is the timeline for circa dates of the various signatures used.

1. 1960-1970's (and possibly later) signed Kenneth © Lane (centered copyright symbol)
2. 1960's-1970's signed K.J.L. (possibly later and note the periods)
3. 1970's-1980's signed Kenneth Jay Lane
4. 1980's-early 2000's - Signed Kenneth ©Lane (note placement of copyright symbol)
5. 1990's-today signed ©KJL (note NO periods) This mark is used on the made for QVC.
6. 1980's - 2004 signed K.J.L. for Avon. Note: the 80's and 90's are all signed K.J.L. for Avon. Some of the most recent K.J.L. (from 2000 on) for Avon is NOT signed K.J.L. for Avon - but just KJL. Only the box that it came in has the Avon name and address on it.
7. Approximately 2000 - ©KJL Thailand or ©KJL China

Album by Eclectic Vintage - Jan Gaughan. Photos by Jan Gaughan. 1 - 97 of 97 Total.
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