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Matt and Turner
1911 T205 Gold Border Collection
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Entire T205 - Roswell, Georgia Find
2. Entire T205 - Roswell, Georgia Find 
.September 7, 2017
Roughly 410 T205's were found in late 2016 in a steamer trunk in Roswell, Georgia. They are some of the most beautiful gold border cards we have ever seen.

We thought it would interesting to show the cards from this find grouped by player and display how many duplicates were found.

Every card had a Piedmont back with many of them being Piedmont 42's.

Take time to look at the Walter Johnson cards, you will find the overall grade of these cards pretty amazing. In our opinion the Cobb 70 is the the epitome of a T205 Gold Border!

As a T205 collectors, we find it fascinating studying who and how many cards of a particular player were issued and distributed from a particular tobacco brand.

How many times do modern collectors open a box and get duplicates of the same player?

I'm sure just like today... the 1911 buyers of these Piedmont cigarette packs may have been bummed to receive numerous duplicates.

I mean how many Latham, Bris Lord and Phelps cards did the Piedmont smoker need?

Enjoy this unique find.

The family who discovered them gave them to an antique dealer in Roswell, Georgia to sell.

He contacted SGC and had them graded.

I am pleased to say our personal favorite and keeper is a Dolly Gray -Stats SGC 84. A true gem!

We were fortunate enough to purchase about half of the 410 found.

When looking at these beautiful cards. It really is amazing that so many earned a high grade after so years sitting unprotected in the steamer trunk

Some variations and short prints were found, but not too many.

Couple Observations
about the find.....

(4) Wiltse One Ear - variation
No Shean -Cubs
(1) Moran Stray Line
No W. A. Latham
(1) Dahlen - Just a card we follow
Both Dolly Gray cards were Gray - "Stats"
(2) Fisher - a sleeping sleeper card

Three of each of the following
*Chase (variation)
Both Harmon variations


All 12 Minor League Players of course

Bresnahan Mouth Open
Chase Frame Extends
Crandall T Crossed
Dougherty - Red Sock
Graham Cubs
Gray No Stats
Shean -Cubs
Wallace One line
Wallace Two Line
Wilhelm - Suffered


Matt and Turner
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3. T205 
T205's For Sale
A great way to start or continue your graded T205 Set!

Selling extras and duplicates from THE ROSWELL GEORGIA FIND

Please consult scans

All cards are pretty accurately graded by SGC.

Last updated December 1, 2017, 2017

NO PayPal...

Open to payment options-
personal check
USPS Money Order

If not sold here, they will go to National where there was a minimal amount of mid grade T205's for sale.


Pick up OK
Located just outside of Columbus, OH

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2014 -  T205 SGC Power Ratings
4. 2014 -  T205 SGC Power Ratings  
T205 SGC Power Ratings  
Adjusted by SGC
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T205 Variations
5. T205 Variations  (November 26, 2006)
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1911 T205 Gold Border Master Set
6. 1911 T205 Gold Border Master Set 
Started: November 2005
Completed: December 2016
Work in Progress November 2005 - ?

Ave SGC Grade     57.20
Set Score                56.81
Complete               100%     
Set Superiority        56.24
Cards are extremely
vibrant in hand
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SGC 50's
7. SGC 50's 
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T205 Keepers
8. T205 Keepers 
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T205 Minor Leaguers
9. T205 Minor Leaguers 
All T205 Minor League players have a SGC power ratting of 2.

Really not that hard to find.
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Tough to Find in High Grade Condition
10. Tough to Find in High Grade Condition 
These cards are difficult to find- let alone in the condition depicted below
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Buddy - Beloved Jack Russel of 16 years
11. Buddy - Beloved Jack Russel of 16 years 
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T205 Short Prints
12. T205 Short Prints 
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45 Most Difficult T205 Cards
13. 45 Most Difficult T205 Cards 
45 Most Difficult T205 Cards

In somewhat of a "hard to difficult" order.
The number beside the card is the SGC Power Rating

Good luck to those just starting
the beautiful T205 set.

You will find some cards are just plain tough to find.

Buy the short prints first and Hall of Famers last.

Turner and I have worked on this set for the past 12 years.

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Tribute to Bugs Raymond
14. Tribute to Bugs Raymond 
At one time or another Turner and I have owned all of these Bugs Raymond cards, except for the T204.
A sad but true story.

MLB debut
September 23, 1904 for the Detroit Tigers
Last MLB appearance
June 16, 1911 for the New York Giants

Win-Loss Record 45-57
Strikeouts 401
Earned run average 2.49

Detroit Tigers (1904)
St. Louis Cardinals (1907-08)
New York Giants (1909-11)

Led National League in losses with 25, 1908
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Turner's First Card Show
15. Turner's First Card Show 
1075 Visits
3 Images
Shared Album w/ Pass
16. asoriano  (October 29, 2016)
8 Albums
Shared Folder
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