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BEFORE YOU BUY A PUPPY, know what your looking at! We are not show breeders, we breed for performance, most of our dogs will NOT conform to the JRTCA,UKC or AKC standard. We strive for a FIELD steady temperament and performance level, this means we REQUIRE our dogs to have a HIGH trainablity factor, a HIGH energy level, a small flexible chest and a weather resistant coat. We require a sound structure, no crooked front legs, NO LUXATING PATELLAS, NO structure defects that will impede a dogs ability and safety while working the fields or a performance sport like agility. We believe in socialazation but not over socialization, We believe in breeding dogs the way our forefathers did, dogs such as the Jack Russell and Lurcher became these amazingly hardy type of dogs because for over 100+ years they where allowed to be free of "look" standards, the hunters desires where his palete. These are the STANDARDS we uphold.

Honoring and Preserving Dogs of yesteryear!

Here at Autumnbriar we pride ourselves on ALWAYS offering a "Vintage Farm Type Terrier" and "Working Sighthounds". These dogs have served our forefathers for generations, found in barns, fields, and as cottage companions. Dedication to preservation for these traditional old world canines has been our goal for 16 of our 22 years of breeding. Often seen in rural countrysides, these dogs vary greatly from show bred dogs. Chosen for generations by temperament and function, plain and simply, dogs of poor character were just not kept....... Our primary goal here at Autumnbriar is LONG TERM HEALTH, TEMPERAMENT, and PERFORMANCE ABILITY. We don't just breed dogs here, We train and live with them. Please take the time to enjoy the photo's we share as they represent 22 years of a life's passion. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Autumnbriar@yahoo.com or call 516-477-5164

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We raise Jack Russells, Atlas Terriers, and Lurchers, primarily for performance, but they make excellent family companions as well. Our most important concern is TEMPERAMENT, we can not stress that enough. For that reason we temperament test everything using two different temperament tests and one aggression test, we feel very confident in saying that our dogs are some of the best to be found. Our terriers and Lurchers are socialized to many situations, and if it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then we offer over 2500 of them to let you decide.

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A Dogs behavior is a sign of it's teacher

While dogs enhance our lives, they still need leadership and guideance

Our dogs are all exposed to many different situations and evaluated, we keep only the best

All of our dogs are temperament tested

Hmmm One of these is not like the others? Can you tell which one doesn't belong?

I am over the moon to be able to post this picture, this is General Custer with his Lurchers at his feet, Long known for his passion for coursing dogs!.... Over the moon I tell you!

A young Custer lays with a typical working type of Terrier

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