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2018 Navy History Day
1. 2018 Navy History Day 
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Reunion 2018
2. Reunion 2018 
A gathering of shipmates
4041 Visits
66 Images
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2017 Navy History Day
3. 2017 Navy History Day  (September 16, 2017)
Photographs taken during the celebration of Navy History Day at Albacore Park. This year's theme was SURRENDER AT SEA which commemorates the German U-Boat surrenders at Portsmouth, NH in May of 1945. Photos courtesy of Gerry Sedor.
1770 Visits
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Basin Renovation
4. Basin Renovation   (Jan-Apr 2016)
The crumbling riprap walls of the basin, constructed back in 1985, are being replaced with what is expected to be a more durable structure. Dates of the photos appear immediately under each picture.
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Memorial Garden Pathway
5. Memorial Garden Pathway  (2015 Winter/2016 Spring)
Work began in late 2015 to replace the crushed granite pathway in the Memorial Garden with paving blocks. Due to a later than anticipated start, work will not be completed until the spring of 2016.
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Wreaths Across America
6. Wreaths Across America  (12 December 2015)
Wreaths Across America made its annual stop at Albacore Park. Members from several branches of the armed services participated in placing wreaths on the monuments in the Memorial Garden.
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Small Crew
7. Small Crew  (December 1953)
Small sized crew at the time of Albacore's commissioning in 1953.
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Albacore 2003 Reunion
8. Albacore 2003 Reunion 
The first "official" gathering of a large group of Albacore shipmates.
2291 Visits
44 Images
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Norm Bower & Dick Wilder Retirement
9. Norm Bower & Dick Wilder Retirement  (October 17,2015)
Norm and Dick were honored for their years of service as members of the Portsmouth Submarine Museum Association (PSMA).
2997 Visits
37 Images
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2015 Reunion
10. 2015 Reunion  (September 24-27 2015)
Photos courtesy of John Gandiello
9447 Visits
83 Images
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Albacore Cartoon
11. Albacore Cartoon 
Created by Robert 'Pecos' Larsen, the cartoon depicts the report made by a submarine diving officer to the captain after submerging and the boat has been trimmed for optimum underwater performance.
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2014 Submarine History Day
12. 2014 Submarine History Day  (20 September 2014)
A celebration of the life of Adm. Charles "Swede" Momsen
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Fly Around Body (FAB)
13. Fly Around Body (FAB) 
The FAB was designed to measure the noise radiated outside a submarine. Noise emanating from a submarine was a prime factor in determining its detectability by another submarine. FAB was intended to be used during sound trials to be conducted near the submarines home port instead of going to a remote sound range.
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2015 Submarine History Day
14. 2015 Submarine History Day  (September 19,2015)
Celebrating 100 years of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard constructing submarines that began with the L-8 in 1915.
7129 Visits
46 Images
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Albacore Comes Home
15. Albacore Comes Home  (May 1985)
This series of photographs shows the initial stages of moving Albacore from the Piscataqua River to its ultimate location in a dry basin alongside the NH Route 1 By-Pass.
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